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Ten of the Best Gift Ideas for a Housewarming

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Ten of the Best Gift Ideas for a Housewarming

Your friend will love having a fun game lying around next time they find themselves facing yet another movie night with their partner or room mates. It would be great when along with a board game, you give your friend a set of Gemstone Dice and other aesthetic things as well. Bringing along a small token for their new home is a lovely gesture that will remind them of you every time they see it. Here are some ideas of great housewarming gifts that will stand out from the crowd.

1. Photograph

Find a cute photo of you and your friend and put it in a nice frame. They will love having something personal to put in their new living room or bedroom. Try Amazon for some adorable frame options.

2. Wine

It’s pretty standard to bring a bottle of wine to a party. Go above and beyond by bringing a few nice bottles of booze that your friend can add to their collection and can enjoy another day.

3. Flowers for a  housewarming gift

Nothing livens up a room like a fresh bouquet of flowers. Add some life to the new house by bringing some gorgeous flowers. If you’re looking for quick, affordable flower delivery, try 1 Stop Florists, who will deliver a beautiful bouquet to your door today.

4. Coasters

A set of coasters is a great idea for a housewarming. Coasters are the kind of item that people won’t think to buy until much later, as they are hardly a necessity. But having some cute coasters will make the new place feel much homier. It’s amazing how much the small touches around a room make a big difference.

5. Candles

While candles won’t last forever, they add loads of ambiance to a room, and they’re perfect for a housewarming gift. Buy some candles with a nice, relaxing scent that will help your friend to chill out after their big move.

6. A game

Most people don’t think to buy board games for their home. But on a quiet night in, they are the perfect thing. Your friend will love having a fun game lying around next time they find themselves facing yet another movie night with their partner or room mates.

7. Decorative pillows or throw

Quality, decorative items can make a room feel comfy and lived in. Your friend will appreciate having some pretty pillows to add to the bare sofa or a cozy throw to add to their bed.

8. Plants

Potted plants add color and life to a room. Plus, if you want to buy your friend a plant, the options are endless. No matter what your budget might be, you’ll find plants for all budgets somewhere like Home Depot.

9. Cheeseboard Gift

Bringing something for the party itself will be a helpful gesture. Some fancy cheeses, chutney, and bread are a great gift for any party, plus, if you throw in a nice wooden cheese board platter for the new home, you’ve brought two gifts in one.

10. Functional gifts

If you know your friend needs some hooks for coats, a welcome mat, or even a small piece of furniture, bringing them a somewhat boring, functional gift is sometimes the best option. While cute, decorative items are great, sometimes a new home needs the basics

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