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Swiss Man, 53 Falls to His Death in Phuket Airport



Swiss Man, 53 Falls to His Death at Phuket Airport

On Friday night, a 53-year-old Swiss man died after falling from a parking structure at Phuket Airport. Police Col Salan Santisatsanakul said on Saturday that officers hurried to the airport after receiving word that a foreign male had received injuries after jumping from the parking garage at around 7.30 p.m. on Friday.

The police officers discovered bloodstains on the building’s ground floor. According to Pol Col Salan, the injured tourist, whose identity was withheld pending notification of relatives, was confirmed dead on arrival at Phuket’s Thalang Hospital.

Phuket Police suspected the visitor leapt on purpose. A security guard at the airport stated the man had been observing the area since the midday.

Phuket Airport

Last month, a 50-year-old Australian man died after falling from the same Phuket airport’s parking park building.

Sudawan Wangsuphakijkosol, Minister of Tourism and Sports, stated that the Tourist Assistance Centre (TAC) at Phuket International Airport was collaborating with the Swiss diplomatic office in Phuket to contact the deceased’s relatives.

Ms. Sudawan stated that the ministry would meet with the Phuket Airport authorities involved to discuss ways to tighten safety measures in the aftermath of the tragedy.

She noted that any tourist who has a problem or requires assistance can contact the TAC and tourist police at Phuket airport and other airports throughout the country, or phone the tourist police call line at 1155.


Foreigners Arrested in Phuket

Meanwhile, Phuket Immigration reported the detention of three more foreigners detected overstaying in the country. According to Phuket Immigration, the three foreigners arrested were Chinese nationals called Mr Sun Hongyu, 34, Mrs Ye Jingwen, 29, and Mrs Chu Weizen, 55.

The three were apprehended on Mai Khao’s Soi Mai Khao 6, the Phuket News reported.

The three’s relationships with one another were not explained. In one of the photographs, one of the women is holding a baby and her passport. Phuket Immigration reported that the three had been in the country unlawfully for more than 168 days.

All three were arrested and charged with violating Section 81 of the Immigration Act at Tha Chatchai Police Station.

Last week, Phuket Immigration requested the public to report any misconduct by foreigners in Phuket, such as overstays, criminal activity, including participation with narcotics or weapons, or unlawful jobs.

Phuket Immigration highlighted that people might send tip-offs through the ‘citizen empowerment’ app Traffy Fondue (See the English-language form here) to make reporting more convenient.

People can also phone the hotline at 096-0365485, or send a tip through a newly opened Google Form (click here to see the form).

Since then, an Algerian man has been detained for 193 days overstay, with the arrest attributed to a public tip-off.

Last Sunday, a woman whose name and nationality were not published was detained at Phuket airport’s International Departures Hall for a 1,577-day overstay, reportedly without the assistance of the public.

Woman Busted With 2.3 Kg of Cocaine at Phuket Airport

Woman Busted With 2.3 Kg of Cocaine at Phuket Airport

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