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Supreme Court Sentences Man to 14 Years for Planting Bomb



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A state prosecutor for the attorney general told a press briefing that the Supreme Court has sentenced a man to jail for trying to blow up a power pole. The district attorney said the Supreme Court sentenced the man to 14 years in prison.

The district attorney said Mr. Isma-ae Watomo attempted to blow up a power pole to cut electricity supply to Southern Thailand’s Thung Yang Daeng district in Pattani Province in 2018.

The Supreme Court documents showed that Mr. Isma-ae’s DNA was found on the plastic bottle containing explosives and wires that were part of the time bomb attached to an electric power pole.

A local villager spotted the time bomb on a power pole in the Thung Yang Daeng district and immediately contacted the police. A bomb squad from the Pattani Provincial police station then defused it.

Officials believed the bomb was intended to cut power to the entire Thung Yang Daeng district of Pattani Province.

The district attorney said Mr. Isma-ae confessed to the crime to receive a lesser sentence from the Supreme Court.

In other Pattani news, an army ranger was killed during a grenade attack on his station in the Panare district of Pattani Province. His attackers threw three hand grenades at the security booth he and other army rangers were manning.

Two of the grenades went off and seriously injured Army ranger Chanachai Yodthong. He succumbed to his injuries on the way to Pattani’s Panare Hospital.


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