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Seven Interesting Facts about Play Baccarat



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The Baccarat game is a typical casino card game, played wither offline or online. It is a highly cherished game because of its simple rules, low stakes, reasonable odds, and little house edge. Currently, many persons play baccarat online; hence, it is among the most popular card games in biggest

Thai casinos like GClub. Although the game looks sophisticated, it is quite straightforward and owes its allure to high stakes and fast play. However, mastering the baccarat strategy like a pro needs adequate practice because a player should learn the various baccarat betting systems.

Becoming a baccarat winner requires a player to ensure that the hand betted on gets closer to 9 compared to the other side. If someone intends to play the game in casino online, he needs a sure baccarat formula to win. Here are 7 interesting facts you need to know about the baccarat game, whether you know how to play it or not:

Fact 1

As with most gambling, the history of the baccarat game remains a mystery. Historians believe that France is the origin of the game. Other experts argue that it appeared in Spain because its name originates from the Spanish word “baccarat,” which means “zero.” The most famous argument regarding its origins is that Felix Falguer, an Italian who lived during the Middle Ages, designed the baccarat game. During that time, people used a deck of Tarot cards to play the game.

 Fact 2

Falguiere named his invention “baccarat, which means “zero” in Italian. He named it after zero, as cards with a 0 value are the most common in the baccarat table, with kings, queens, jacks, and 10s adding up 0 to the total of a hand.

Fact 3

It is the best game to begin gambling with, as it is even easier than roulette. All a person needs to do is choose whether to bet on the tie, player, or banker, sit back, and relax, while the tradesman deals with the intricate parts of the game. Also, its simplicity is due to its 3 betting options. Here are the options:

  • Wagering on both hands to tie
  • Gambling on the banker hand’s win
  • Betting on the player hand’s win

Fact 4

The baccarat game appeared in gaming halls in France in1490. Aristocrats in the salons played the game until the initial years of the century. At one time, the baccarat game became illegal, and fans of the game had to play in secret locations. They also had to rename baccarat to “Chemin de Fer” to keep it anonymous.

Fact 5

 It is the most popular casino game in Macau. While Las Vegas derived only 24% of its gambling revenue from the game, Macau gained an incredible 91%. It was the most preferred game during this time. Nevertheless, it remains a favorite among Asian players.

Fact 6

The famous Canadian jeweler, Gerald Lewy, created the most expensive chip for the game in 2013. The chip, valued at $450 thousand, had 136 grams of 22-carat pink gold, framed, and decorated with 63 pink diamonds of 20 carats and 17 white diamonds adorning the chip’s side. He also used emeralds, sapphires, and rubies.

Fact 7

Through the decades, the baccarat fame has been among the favorites in James Bond’s movies. In the 007 Casino Royale movie, the baccarat deck is among the captured features. It is also a key feature in the main events of the film. The movie ends in a climax where Everlyn Tremble and the Villain engage in the Baccarat game. Agent 007 also depicts James as a Baccarat expert as he utilized the game to uncover the enemies’ secrets.

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