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Robert Durst, Cause of Death, A ‘Real Estate heir’

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Robert Durst

The 75-year-old Robert Durst, a dogged fugitive for decades suspected of disappearing and killing those around him before he was convicted of killing his best friend and sentenced to life in prison, passed away this week.

Chip Lewis, his lawyer, said that Durst died in a Stockton state prison hospital. According to him, it was due to natural causes due to a number of health problems.

Susan Berman was shot at point-blank range in her Los Angeles home by Durst in 2000. His sentence was handed down on October 14. His trial attorney Dick DeGuerin said he was hospitalized with COVID-19 two days later.

Kathie Durst, who went missing in 1982 and has been declared legally dead, was long suspected of being killed by Durst. Her murder was finally indicted in November.

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The twists of the cases against him

The Los Angeles prosecutors presented evidence Durst silenced Berman because she was about to speak to investigators and was helping him conceal Kathie’s death. After Berman’s death, a Texas man discovered his identity and accused him of killing him. In 2003, Durst was found not guilty of murder when he testified that the victim was shot in self-defense.

During the six-part HBO documentary series “The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst,” Durst discussed the cases and made several damning statements, including a stunning confession.

Robert Durst’s Health issues

During the Berman trial, Durst was suffering from bladder cancer and his health deteriorated. Since his attorneys said he could not change into a suit, he was escorted into court in a wheelchair in prison attire each day. Despite the 14-month pause caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, the judge declined further delays.

DeGuerin said Durst looked the sickest he had in the 20 years he has represented him at his sentencing hearing.

A wide-eyed vacant stare filled Durst’s eyes as he entered the courtroom. Durst coughed hard and then struggled to breathe as the Judge listened to Berman’s loved ones to describe how her death upended their lives. He pulled his mask down below his mouth and began to gasp for air as his chest heaved.

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