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Rescuers Save Toddler Trapped in 13-Metre Well in Northeastern Thailand

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Rescuers Save Toddler Trapped in 13-Metre Well in Northeastern Thailand

After an 18-hour overnight rescue at a cassava plantation in Northeastern Thailand’s Tak province, a 19-month-old girl who fell down a narrow well was finally lifted to safety.

Around 10.45 a.m. on Tuesday, rescuers pulled the girl from the 13-metre well. She was shocked and upset, but otherwise unharmed, and was later transported to Phop Phra Hospital.

Sanya Phetset, the district chief of Phop Phra, as well as other local leaders and villagers, waited anxiously at the scene as rescuers worked to save the child.

The toddler was the child of migrant workers from Myanmar. On Monday afternoon, she had fallen down a 30cm-wide well at a cassava plantation in Romklao Charoensuk village in tambon Khiri Rat while playing.

Her parents, who have only been identified as Mr Necho and Ms Atae, both work on the plantation. When they couldn’t find their young daughter, they became frantic. A search revealed that she had most likely fallen down a newly dug well.

When police and rescue workers arrived on the scene, they discovered Myanmar workers gathered around the deep well. Ms Atae was sobbing near the hole, and her husband was trying to console her.

When a rescue worker called down into the well, the faint sound of a girl crying returned. The rescue team then lowered a small camera into the hole by tying it to a rope. They confirmed the girl was trapped at the bottom by observing her movement.

They quickly lowered an oxygen tube into the well. A large PVC pipe was initially inserted in the narrow hole to prevent the sides from collapsing, while a backhoe was used to remove soil from around it so they could free her.

The rescue operation went on all night, with an ambulance on standby nearby. The 19-month-old girl was brought to safety about 10.45 on Tuesday morning.


Migrant Worker Hangs Himself in Central Thailand

In other news, on Monday, a 56-year-old man whose daughter refused to let him return to Myanmar was discovered dead, hanged by a rope from a grill, in their rented room in the Bang Phli district of Samut Prakan.

Saw Aung Tun Thein shared a second-floor apartment room with his daughter and her boyfriend in the tambon Bang Pla village of Moo 12.

His death was reported to police around 9 p.m. They discovered him hanging by the neck from a balcony grill outside the room with a green nylon rope. His feet were flat on the floor, his knees bent. Green rope was wrapped around both of his hands. According to police, there was no evidence of a physical assault on the body.

His daughter, 35, told police that he shared a room with her and her boyfriend.

For months, her father had been quiet and jobless. He wanted to go back to Myanmar, but she refused because all of his children were working in Thailand.

She and her boyfriend left for work on Monday morning, returning home around 8.30 p.m. to discover her father had died. She suspected he was depressed as a result of his long period of unemployment and had committed suicide.

The body was taken to a nearby hospital for an autopsy to determine the cause of death.

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