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Police in Thailand Crack Down on Juvenile Delinquents

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Police in Thailand Crack Down on Juvenile Delinquents

Thailand’s National police commander, Pol Gen Torsak Sukvimol, announced on Monday that he had authorised a crackdown on juvenile delinquents to reduce criminal activity by young criminals within a month.

Police are cracking down on juvenile misbehaviour across the country in the aftermath of the gruesome murder of a middle-aged woman by five youths in Sa Kaeo’s Aranyaprathet area earlier this month.

He also directed the Sa Kaeo police chief to keep records on all juvenile delinquents in the province, and officers have been told to keep a careful eye on youngsters aged 10-15 who remain outside after 10 p.m.

If kids are found alone beyond that time, police will take their information and bring their parents in for interrogation, Pol Gen Torsak added.

In other provinces, such as Nonthaburi and Samut Prakan, where events involving rebellious adolescents are common, but there aren’t enough local police officers to deal with them, he said the Provincial Special Operations Sub-Division would also help with the crackdown.

Pol Gen Torsak also stated that investigators had transmitted the findings of an investigation into the suspected misbehaviour of two police officers at the Aranyaprathet district police station to the National Anti-Corruption Commission. They are accused of torturing Panya Khongsaenkham into falsely confessing to killing his mentally unstable wife, Buaphan Tansu, also known as Pa Kob.

A group of youths aged 13 to 16 killed her, according to police.

The suspects, recorded on tape beating the victim in Aranyaprathet, eventually acknowledged killing Buaphan and disposing of her body in a pond on January 11. They are now in custody in connection with her murder.

Police Chief Thailand

Police officers to be charged

Pol Lt Gen Somprasong Yentuam, chief of Police Provincial Police Region 2, previously stated that the officers violated a disciplinary code under the 2022 National Police Act and the Criminal Code for dereliction of duty and misconduct.

However, Pol Lt Gen Somprasong stated that the two had not yet been determined to have violated the Prevention and Suppression of Torture and Enforced Disappearance Act.

A panel will turn over all material to Sa Kaeo police so that detectives may investigate whether these policemen violated the legislation, he added. At this point, there was insufficient evidence to make that determination.

Pol Gen Torsak stated that investigators were not dragging their feet or attempting to assist their colleagues.

He stated that investigators must ensure that sufficient evidence is acquired before initiating further accusations against the police under the statute prohibiting and suppressing torture and enforced disappearance.

Mr Panya, according to Pol Gen Torsak, cannot testify to police as a witness because he is currently receiving alcoholism treatment in a hospital.

“Please do not rush investigators. “They are attempting to collect complete and correct evidence,” the police chief stated.

Arrested shortly after his wife’s death was discovered on January 12, Mr Panya allegedly confessed to the crime before footage from a security camera revealed the five boys were to blame.

Curfews for Teens

Police Propose Curfews for Juvenile Delinquents

Mr Panya claimed he was made to strip in an air-conditioned room and told he couldn’t leave until he signed a written confession, according to deputy national police head Pol Gen Surachate Hakparn.

Activist Kanthat Pongpaiboonvej, also known as Kan Chompalang, went to the Department of Special Investigation on Monday with Mr Panya’s niece to demand justice because the police investigation only implicated two officers in the coerced confession.

Mr Kanthat stated that Mr Panya’s niece requested that the DSI investigate whether any additional police officers at the Aranyaprathet district police station were involved, as well as whether the two officers may be charged under the prevention and suppression of torture and enforced disappearance laws.

Thawatchai Thaikaeo, a former director-general of the Department of Juvenile Observation and Protection, proposed a curfew on Monday to discourage teenagers from remaining outside for safety.

Meanwhile, an assistant to Interior Minister Ekapop Luengprasert accompanied the mother of a 13-year-old child who had been viciously beaten by a juvenile gang in this Central Plains region to submit a complaint with Bangkok Metro police.

Mr Ekapop stated that the incident occurred on January 10. The leader of the so-called Sai Thong gang, also known by its leader’s name, Tee Tha Sai, and seven other members assaulted Ms Chatmongkot’s (surname withheld) son in a local public park near Samakkhi Road following a dispute with his ex-girlfriend, who is a gang member.

Police Hunt Thailand

Police Hunting Gang

Mr Ekapop stated that Ms Chatmongkot’s son sustained a fractured nose, a punctured eardrum, a pulmonary haemorrhage, and other serious injuries. The doctor stated he would need surgery to fully recover.

Ms Chatmongkot stated that the gang members had warned his kid not to tell his mother about the beating, but he eventually told her.

She also said that her son later received a death threat from the gang, claiming that they would burn down their home. That is why she took her kid to meet with Mr Ekapop and begged him to assist in pursuing justice.

Police Col Pisut Chantharasuwan said he would ask his detectives to check into the situation right once and would form a special team to track down and apprehend adolescent thugs, particularly the Sai Thong gang, which has been causing problems for villagers for several years.

Earlier on Monday, Mr Ekapop and his team went to Sai Thong village, which is considered to be the gang’s stronghold, and assessed the area where Tee Tha Sai was accused of terrorising people and children.

According to one victim, who identified himself as Poom, the gang has over 100 members, ranging from youths to the elderly. They would beat random victims, use weapons and grenades, and engage in battles to get a reputation.

Another victim, Wanchai, 80, claimed that the gang had been around for more than 30 years and that the police had never taken the situation seriously, continuously ignoring victim complaints.

Following his discussion with Mr Ekapop, Police Superintendent Pisut Chandrasuwan stated that he would organise a special team to track down and apprehend the gang.

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