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Police Raid on Illegal Nightclub 237 Chinese Tourist Arrested

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Police Raid on Illegal Nightclub 237 Chinese Arrested

During a police raid on an illegal nightclub in Bangkok arresting 237 Chinese tourist, 99 of whom, tested positive for narcotics. Thirty-four high end luxury cars discovered in the buildings’ underground parking were impounded.

Bangkok police said a Chinese national is believed to the owner the illegal nightclub.

Around 3.30 a.m., more than 100 Bangkok city police officers raided the establishments on Charoen Rat Road in Yannawa, Sathon district.

According to the Metropolitan Police Bureau, who led the raid, they were acting on an information that the buildings were being used unlawfully as entertainment venues.

They had a karaoke bar to service Chinese guests, drug parties, and illegal gambling.

Customers and employees fled to the kitchens, bathrooms, and room corners as soon as the police arrived.

Police Raid on Illegal Nightclub 237 Chinese Arrested

A total of 237 Chinese customers, 111 males and 126 women, were detained by police. Others detained were Thais, indigenous people, Georgian, Cambodian, and Vietnamese nationals.

According to Bangkok Metro Police, all guests and employees of the entertainment venue were subjected to drug-testing urine tests.

Police uncovered at least 300 packages ketamine. Happy water, a combination of multiple illicit drugs, was discovered during a search of the karaoke rooms.

Bangkok Metro Police stated that over 100 people tested positive for drug use, 50 of them were men and 54 of whom were women.

According to police, the arresting team seized 34 luxury cars, including a Rolls Royce, pending an inquiry into whether they were acquired through drug dealing or money laundering.

The foreigners who tested positive for drug use were turned over to immigration officials.

Police Raid on Illegal Nightclub 237 Chinese Arrested

Customers were sold unlawful drug substances for 10,000 baht per sachet, according to the Metropolitan Police Bureau.

A source told the Bangkok Post that the illegal nightspot has been open for around four months. It mostly catered to Chinese clientele.

There were Thais and Cambodians working there, as well as some Chinese nationals. The owner was of Chinese origin.

The nightclub was operating illegally within Yannawa police jurisdiction in Bangkok. The Yannawa police chief was reassigned on Wednesday awaiting full investigation.

The order was made by Police Maj Gen Nakharin Sukhonthawit, chief of the Metropolitan Police, and sent Pol Col Thanachot Ruekdee to the division 6 operations center, effective immediately.

Police Raid on Illegal Nightclub 237 Chinese Arrested

Police Seize 4.3 million meth pills

On Wednesday, a woman was detained and 3.6 million meth pills worth 180 million baht were seized from her pickup truck in Ayutthaya province’s Wang Noi district.

The drugs were being trafficked from Chiang Rai to Nonthaburi.

The arrest was announced jointly by Ayutthaya Provincial Police, and Governor Niwat Rungsakhon, who described the woman as a serious narcotics suspect. Her identity was not revealed.

According to Provincial police, she was apprehended while driving her pickup vehicle down Phahol Yothin Road in Wang Noi district on Sunday afternoon.

During questioning, she admitted to receiving 50,000-70,000 baht each time she brought drugs from the north to customers in Bangkok’s neighboring suburbs.

Police Raid on Illegal Nightclub 237 Chinese Arrested

In a second police action, a man and his wife were arrested early Wednesday after 700,000 meth pills were discovered in their pickup truck at a checkpoint in the Phun Phin area of Surat Thani in southern Thailand.

Police said a blue Toyota pickup was stopped for a search at 2 a.m.

The driver’s wife attempted to deflect the police officer’s attention by delivering them two bags of 400 meth pills and showing them five more bags of 1,000 meth pills in the front compartment.

She said her husband purchased the meth for his personal use as a truck driver.

She claimed the sacks in the back of the vehicle were filled with chicken feces. A check revealed that this wasn’t true.

Under the sacks of chicken droppings were 70 bags containing a total of 700,000 meth pills.

The duo allegedly admitted to picking up the meth pills in Ratchaburi; they were transporting them to the Lan Saka neighbourhood of Nakhon Si Thammarat.

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