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PM Srettha unveils “Thailand vision 2030”

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PM Srettha unveils “Thailand vision 2030”

(CTN News) – Thailand Vision 2030, unveiled by Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin at the Government House, aims to position Thailand as a global industrial hub, propelling the economy towards a more sustainable future through tourism, wellness and medical, food, aviation, future automotive manufacturing, technology, and finance sectors.

Prime Minister Srettha announced that the government had set an ambitious target. Thailand will take centre stage in the area, capitalising on the fortunate characteristics that nurture our country, including natural resources, tourism attractions, a year-round mild environment, ready infrastructure, and, most importantly, the Thai people’s unparalleled potential.

The primary vision is to become a tourism hub. Thailand, despite being the world’s 50th largest country, ranks eighth among tourism destinations. The tourist industry employs more than one-third of Thailand’s population and is projected to be worth more than 2.3 trillion baht, or almost 70% of the annual expenditure budget.

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The government will continue to promote Thai soft power, Thailand’s life and soul, to be in the spotlight worldwide in terms of culture, festivals, concerts, films, arts, food, and, most importantly, sports and martial arts, which are Thai identities.

Furthermore, the government will promote some provinces as world heritage sites, such as Nan province, and support regional transport, facilitate tourists, and remove all travel restrictions and concerns by granting free visas to several countries, including China, Kazakhstan, and India, transforming Thailand into a regional travel hub, particularly in the CLMV countries of Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam.

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Following that, tourism in Thailand must be promoted and improved in all aspects across all provinces, including primary and secondary cities. Furthermore, rules that impede tourism, such as service hours, the sale of alcoholic beverages, and tax adjustments for events or competitions, will be changed, while assistance for homestays for international tourists will be provided.

Each local agency must use nature, history, culture, and lifestyle as marketing points. Furthermore, the government would loosen laws to attract international events such as concerts, films, and art exhibitions to Thailand. These initiatives will boost revenue for major hotels, Thai accommodations, restaurants, local specialties, and agricultural products.

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The second vision is a wellness and medical hub. The government will help the healthcare business become a global holistic healthcare centre. Thailand’s healthcare system is globally recognised, whether for Thai traditional healthcare or qualified service-minded personnel who can provide care for all ages and diseases at reasonable prices, and these factors have become compelling selling points to attract a large number of tourists to Thailand.

According to data from 2023, health tourism generated more than 40 billion baht. Furthermore, the government is working to improve Thailand’s healthcare system by increasing universal healthcare coverage from 30 baht for any ailment to 30 baht everywhere. This project will make healthcare services more accessible to Thai citizens, both in government hospitals and commercial facilities.

The use of AI will connect databases across all 77 provinces with a single national identification card, a system that has recently been introduced in four provinces and is anticipated to be fully operational by the end of this year. Furthermore, the government will increase the number of doctors and nurses to satisfy public demand while also improving the quality of life for healthcare workers.

Additionally, efforts will be made to promote Thai traditional medicine, Thai massage, Thai spas, and herbal medicine. Furthermore, the government would assist Thai entrepreneurs in establishing Wellness Centres overseas.

The final vision is Agriculture Food Hub. The government intends to raise Thailand’s agriculture business to promote global food security under the slogan ‘Fish in the sea, rice in the fields, money in the pocket,’ which symbolises Thailand’s wealth.

The goal is to promote Thailand as the world’s culinary capital, capable of exporting all types of cuisines to worldwide markets. This is owing to Thailand’s geographical advantages, climates, and integrated industry chain, which includes crop agriculture, livestock farming, fishing, processing, culinary arts, and recipe innovation.

As a result, Thailand is famed for its exceptional and internationally recognised flavours. Thailand boasts approximately 196 Michelin-rated restaurants and more than 35 Michelin-starred places, demonstrating its culinary expertise.

The government will act to improve agriculture and encourage Thai farmers to treble their incomes within four years of this administration. It will ensure the fertility of the land, water, crop variety, livestock, and fish populations. The irrigation areas will be enlarged to reach 40 million acres.

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Precision agriculture, livestock, and PM 2.5 concerns will all be managed together. Agricultural products will be supported countrywide to access worldwide markets, propelling Thailand to become a global food factor.

According to United Nations Population Division estimates, the global population is expected to reach about 10 billion by 2050, nearly 2 billion more than it is today. The demand for food will increase as the population grows. Thailand is capable of generating food from agricultural start to export to worldwide markets.

The government will build the future food sector by researching and developing high-protein plant-based foods, as well as unique and exotic meals that are predicted to be popular in the worldwide market.

In addition, the government plans to improve food quality, including Halal, patient food, and other specific diets. Furthermore, the government would encourage Thai entrepreneurs to open more restaurants abroad, establishing Thailand as a major player in the global food business.

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