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Nigerian Romance Scammers Busted in Phuket

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Nigerian Romance Scammers Busted in Phuket

Two Nigerian romance scammers and a Thai woman were apprehended in the Thalang district on the resort island of Phuket for allegedly participating in a romance scam. Police apprehended the two Nigerian nationals during a raid on a residence in Phuket.

Officers also recovered 50 sachets of cocaine and a digital balance from the home.

Ms. Kanyathanat Thotsatham,32 who was also arrested was wanted on an arrest warrant issued by the Samut Prakan Provincial Court for public fraud and entering incorrect information into a computer.

The two Nigerian romance scammers had overstayed their visas for 1,401 and 1,728 days, respectively.

Pol Lt Col Pitthaya Thepmuang, inspector of the Tourist Police Sub-Division 3, said the arresting squad uncovered that some South African foreign nationals were part of a romance fraud gang that used false Facebook identities to deceive Thais into transferring money.

Police later recognised Kanyathanat as a gang member. She was charged with extracting and transferring funds to the bank accounts of a Nigerian gang leader living abroad, according to Pol Lt Col Pitthaya.

The romance scammers gang duped a large number of people.

During questioning, the Nigerian’s admitted to being involved in a romance scam gang. They also acknowledged to distributing cocaine to foreign visitors in Phuket for extra cash. All accused were turned over to authorities at Thalang Station for legal action.

Romance Scammer Thailand

Protecting Yourself from Romance Scammers

Nigerian romance scams are a common type of online fraud in which scammers use fictitious personas to attract victims into fraudulent relationships.

These scammers frequently use dating websites and social media platforms to target vulnerable people for financial gain. They utilise emotional manipulation and deception to gain their victims’ trust before demanding money or sensitive information.

Nigerian romance scammers deploy sophisticated strategies that exploit their victims’ emotions and vulnerabilities. Scammers methodically create their storylines to deceive victims, using bogus identities and enticing stories of suffering or love. In addition, they may utilise stolen images and forged documents to boost their authority and validity.

Police in Thailand said it’s critical to be watchful and recognise the warning signs of Nigerian romance scams. Common symptoms include overly amorous or persistent correspondence, requests for money or financial aid, contradictions in statements or details, and a refusal to meet in person or participate in video chats.

Trust your intuition and check the identities of people you encounter online.

According to the Royal Thai Police, to avoid falling victim to Nigerian romance fraudsters, be cautious while dealing with people online.

Maintain a healthy scepticism, do extensive research on people before disclosing personal information, and never pay money to someone you haven’t met in person.

Report suspected activities to the appropriate authorities and platforms to avoid additional harm.

Nigerian romance scammers continue to exploit the weakness and trust of people looking for genuine connections online. You can defend yourself from falling victim to these fraudulent schemes by being familiar with scammers’ strategies and remaining vigilant for warning indications.

Remember that trust is earned rather than given, especially in the digital environment where looks can be deceitful. Stay aware, cautious, and safe during your online dealings.

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