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Palestinians, Muslims Protest at Israeli Embassy in Bangkok

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Muslims Protest at Israeli Embassy in Bangkok

On Saturday, more than 300 Muslims and Palestinians gathered outside the Israeli embassy in Bangkok to protest the assault on the Gaza Strip and the continuous bombardment by Israeli forces.

Rallying outside the Israeli Embassy in Bangkok at approximately 9.30am, the marchers included numerous Muslims from five southern border provinces and Palestinians living in Thailand.

A contingent of law enforcement personnel was on hand to keep order during the event. The presence of traffic officers helped keep things moving smoothly.

The protest leaders alternately criticised the United States for backing Israel’s battle against Hamas members and Israel for the ongoing carnage in the Gaza Strip.

The crowd chanted slogans in support of Hamas fighters against Israeli troops. Anti-Israel protesters burned an Israeli flag they had burned after stepping on it in the street.

protests israeli embassy bangkok

According to Islamic leader Chaiyid Sulaiman Huzainee, Israel has been using weaponry supplied by its supporters to commit atrocities against the Palestinians for the past seven decades. He blasted the United States for siding with Israel.

He remarked, “We cannot carry weapons while in Thailand, but we will do what we can.” We Thais would never intentionally harm our country. Israel’s tyranny will not dissuade us.

“The worst sin is capitulation in the face of injustice. Without a resolution to the Palestinian issue, the entire globe is at risk. When it comes to Jewish rights, the UN always comes through. The Hamas brothers fought back.

He was certain that the Thai hostages will be safe and released as quickly as possible from the hands of Hamas fighters. He said the media was to responsible for portraying Hamas soldiers as terrorists. Around midday, the protesters dispersed.

Following their October 7 surprise strike on Israel, Hamas terrorists seized at least 200 hostages, among them 19 Thai labourers. Since fighting broke out, thirty Thais have lost their lives.

Thailand Evacuates Citizens from Israeli Conflict

Meanwhile, the Royal Thai Air Force has redirected its flight path to make the return of Thai citizens from war-torn Israel a more rapid process.

Air Force Commander ACM Phanpakdee Pattanakul announced on Saturday that an Airbus A340-500 is being deployed to evacuate Thai nationals from southern Israel following the devastating surprise attack by Palestinian militant group Hamas on October 7.

The military air force’s third evacuation mission follows a new path that crosses six countries rather than the previous trip’s ten. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs negotiated for the change in flight path.

A 13-hour journey to Israel will now only take roughly 8 and a half, according to the source.


Thailand Air Force Plane Israel

Ben Gurion Airport in Israel will no longer serve as a passenger terminal for future flights. Instead, they will meet Thais at the airport in Fujairah, United Arab Emirates. There will be more flights on Oct. 25, Oct. 28, and Oct. 30 if there is enough demand.

On Sunday morning, the third retrieval operation will attempt to return 140 Thais to Don Mueang airport.

Meanwhile, the Foreign Ministry has warned Thais who are on the fence about leaving Israel to take precautions.

The Thai government has issued a plea to anyone who have reconsidered their return to immediately inform the Thai embassy so that those in need can take their seats.

About 5,000 Thais live in the south of Israel and are part of the estimated 30,000 Thais who work there. There are now almost 8,000 sign-ups to return home.

Eight Thai workers had their bodies brought back on a commercial flight on Friday after dying in a Middle Eastern country. After that, they were shipped back to their various regions.

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