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Meet Life Coach and a Successful Business Man – Immy Khan

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Meet Life Coach and a Successful Business Man – Immy Khan

Life is not always kind to everyone. Most of the people find it hard to face the hardships of life. But, there some people who know how to tackle these hurdles to be successful. Chasing for dreams is not hard to master for them. In this world, every man gets a chance in his life to come forward, but some people cannot understand it, and they lose the opportunity. On the other hand, some people hold a single chance tightly and change their life with their brilliance. We are talking about a famous Indian personality Immy Khan who is famous for his motivational speeches and successful business life.

It is the age of the digital world, and not one is anonymous at this age if he is successful. Similar is the case with this life coach because he is a celebrity in Ahmadabad. People love him for his motivational speeches that encourage them to chase their goal without losing heart.

Professional Life

Most of the people follow him because he is the inspiration of millions. They look for his speeches that are full of real-life facts and tactics to handle the hardships. The talented guy motivates his audience to chase their goal with determination and dedication. Both things are important to be successful and happy with life. In his dictionary, everything is possible if you have a goal and you are working for it with solid spirit and great dedication.

He is CEO and founder of THS Mining Ltd, UK., and founder of MAKS Technologies Ltd., London. He is famous for his company Bitether that is first listed cryptocurrency of India. For Imran, it was a pride to be a successful business owner of the first cryptocurrency organization in India. No doubt, he has the credit to introduce cryptocurrency in his country. Not only this, there are many other successes are on his credit.

Skilled person

Imran Khan is famous for the different skills that are helpful to make him an achiever and a motivational speaker. With his twelve years’ experience in Business Development, Team management and business strategy, he has changed the life of the majority. Therefore, he is known as a life-changer too. You will find him a great influencer who has influenced the life of many people. These are the reasons due to which he is a public figure, and people know him for his effective business tactics and life-changing speeches. Imran Khan Nagori was nominated for the Best Emerging Life Coach. It is a big success because he has inspired hundreds of people that year.

How to contact the celebrity?

Yes, he is a celebrity now because of his brilliant jobs. The talented guy is available online and on social media. You can visit his account on Instagram on There are thousands of people who have followed him and take benefits of his thoughts, motivational lectures and know his activities on social media. These are his life-changing techniques which make him popular all around.


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