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Legacy Media Asks What Happens if Trump Dies in 2024, Was Tucker Carlson Right?



Legacy Media Asks What Happens if Trump Dies in 2024, Was Tucker Carlson Right

In August, former Fox News host Tucker Carlson asked former president Donald Trump if the U.S. is heading towards a civil war and if he was worried his enemies want to kill him.

“Are you worried they’ll try to kill you?” Tucker Carlson inquired. “Honestly, why wouldn’t they try to kill you?”

“The reason I’m asking is that I’m looking at your trajectory since 2015, when you got into politics for real.” And then they started with big rallies against you, planned protests by the left, and then it progressed to impeachment twice. Right.

“And now we have an indictment,” Tucker Carlson stated in the interview. “I mean, the next stage is going to be violence.” Are you concerned that they will try to kill you? Why would they not try to kill you? Honestly.”

Trump responded by labeling his opponents “savage animals” and “really sick.” Trump rambled on about the election being “rigged” and “open borders.”

Tucker Carlson Slammed

Following the interview, the Business Insider blasted Tucker Carlson, claiming that he made false accusations about the political establishment trying to assassinate former President Donald Trump because they “just can’t have” him as president again.

According to NBC News, famous far-right individuals such as Alex Jones and Dan Bongino have bolstered the Trump Assassination conspiracy theory. For years, Jones has warned that Trump will be assassinated, and earlier this year, he accused “the deep state establishment” of plotting to kill him.

In a recent podcast episode titled “Speeding Towards Assassination?” Bongino alleged that the “plot to take out Trump is metastasizing.”

According to NBC News, Trump has long been portrayed as the object of a huge conspiracy engineered in part by Washington’s “deep state,” as well as the Democratic elite and the news media.

The former president has adopted this viewpoint, referring to himself as a “victim” and the target of a “witch hunt.”

Trump Assassination Attempts

During a campaign rally in Las Vegas in June 2016, a month before formally securing the Republican presidential nomination at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Trump faced an assassination attempt.

At the campaign event, Michael Sandford, a 20-year-old British man, attempted to take a police officer’s gun and told authorities he wanted to assassinate Trump.

Pascale Cecile Veronique Ferrier, a 56-year-old dual Canadian-French citizen, was sentenced to 262 months in prison in Washington, D.C., for mailing a letter carrying the poison ricin to then-President Trump and others in 2020. In January, she pled guilty to breaking biological weapons regulations.

After labeling Tucker Carlson a conspiracy theorist months ago, the Business Insider has now released an article titled “Here’s what happens if Donald Trump dies while running in the 2024 presidential election.” Floating a similar theory over Trumps death.

What happens if Trump dies

The Business Insider writes; Donald Trump is now the Republican frontrunner for the 2024 presidential election. He is 77 years old and will be 78 years old in June. Several things could happen if he dies while running for reelection.

If Trump dies while running for reelection, a variety of outcomes are possible, depending on when he dies and how close Election Day is.

There is no national filing deadline for running for President of the United States. Instead, filing deadlines differ by state and party.

On the Republican side, there are currently eight declared contenders, including Trump. If Trump were to die before January 1, 2024, other Republicans would very certainly want to run.

However, several states’ filing deadlines have already past, requiring state election officials to change them to allow additional candidates to enter the race. Some states may postpone their scheduled contests if Trump dies during the primary season, which ends in mid-June.

There is precedent for this; during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, more than a dozen states delayed primaries or expanded vote-by-mail choices.

If Trump dies after the last primary but before the Republican National Convention, the other Republican presidential candidates would have to convince every state delegation at the convention that they should be the party’s nominee.

And, if Trump secures the Republican nomination but dies between the convention and Election Day 2024, the RNC will assemble to choose a new president.



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