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Is Authors on Mission Worth the Money? An Honest Review



Authors On Mission

As a life coach looking to publish a book showcasing my unique methodology for finding purpose, fulfillment and setting ambitious goals, I assumed writing everything myself would be the most affordable path.

But lacking any writing experience beyond blogging, the prospect of structuring an entire manuscript felt utterly daunting. I wanted guidance from professionals but feared the costs working with a elite ghostwriting firm like Authors On Mission (AOM).

Now after publishing a book through their Done-For-You model at a total investment of $30,000, was it truly worth the steep fees as a first-time author with limited funds?

Below I’ll overview genuine perspective on whether Authors On Mission’s comprehensive services delivered meaningful return-on-investment worthy of high premiums paid to make my published book dreams a reality.

Key Motivations For Wanting To Publish A Book

Before diving into intricate pricing details, let’s level-set the main goals seeking respected author status in the first place which would shape value determination:

Gain Subject Authority Positioning

Having published work would showcase deeper life purpose knowledge, positioning me as an industry thought leader vs. the wide field of standard self-help coaches.

Expand My Coaching Practice Reach

I hoped to attract higher-fee 1-on-1 clients by profiling my book and unique methodologies for finding empowered direction matched to affluent seekers.

Leave Behind An Inspirational Legacy

Publishing profound concepts that move audiences well beyond my years felt inspiring – imprinting positive impact more widely.

With clear objectives defined wanting author pedigree, I turned to evaluating AOM’s worthiness facilitating my book dreams balanced against costs as a first-timer.

Investing Significantly Into A Ghostwriting Partnership

The majority budget allocated went into hiring a dedicated ghostwriter for 1-on-1 guidance, which is the core of AOM’s signature interview-based writing process. Their ghostwriting talent fee started at $18,000 for a full-length manuscript which felt staggering to invest upfront blindly.

I opted to split costs across two installments feeling nervous about such a big commitment for my startup budget But after finishing the intensive 6 month writing process including 80,000 words vividly reflecting my motivational methods from years coaching, the superb quality achieved absolutely warranted financial spend.

My writer captured my voice beautifully while helping me articulate techniques I always intuitively leveraged but struggled to explain for mass audiences in writing solo. Her skills made my perspectives relatable & actionable life advice.

For the immense difficulty I avoided trying to document such expansive concepts alone, AOM’s ghostwriting investment felt fully justified by the impeccable writing elevating my credibility.

Maximizing Book Polish Through Editing

With an impactful manuscript variations my methodologies complete, I next wanted to optimize reader experience and flow.

Here I allocated $2,500 into AOM’s premium editing package receiving an additional line editing pass plus two full proofread reviews ensuring my book shined.

These supplemental editing costs felt steep as a new author but delivered necessary perspective I couldn’t gain solo with editor distance . Through their developmental refinements, my book tightnened substantially while still closely maintaining original voice.

Now holding a tighter 80k word book with my ideas presented cleanly, the extra edit investment felt easily validated for maximizing content quality before publishing. Tiny resource strain for exponential shaping gains!

Validating A True Return-On-Investment

My total end-to-end investment collaborating with AOM was $30,000 between ghostwriting, editing, cover design, and marketing services tailoring the entire journey from concept to published author.

As a newer coach lacking this kind of capital access, my worry was misguided overspend failing ROI . But examining tangible credibility results over 6 months that I couldn’t remotely orchestrate alone, my analysis deemed their premium fees fully worthy.

In just 1 month since launching, I generated $50k in new annual reoccurring revenue from aspirational clients specifically citing my published expert status differentiating my niche life purpose coaching abilities.

Within 12 months at this trajectory, I would recoup the entire AOM investment through elevated income while still owning 100% future royalties as book assets I now control. Talk about aligned value creation!

Final Takeaway: On Authors On Mission

Maintaining realistic expectations on budget requirements unlocking elite level services is crucial. But for goals dependent specifically on leveraging intellectual property assets like published books representing rare thought leadership signaling, consider investing in legitimate support.

Just ensure you first quantify what monetary value authorship status can reasonably drive towards your business or personal objectives.

For certain cases like mine, visible industry authority strengthened through credible done-for-you book writing teams can absolutely justify larger financial outputs – delivering manifold income and visibility returns overcoming staggering solopreneuring struggles.

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