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Government Launches “Entry Thailand” Website to Assist Tourists



Government Launches "Entry Thailand" Website to Assist Tourists

Tourism in Thailand is going to be made easier with the launch of the new website, which aims to make travel to the country easier for the 8-15 million tourists expected to visit next year.

An online platform called Entry Thailand includes important information to assist tourists before departure, including links to third-party organisations dealing with entry requirements, websites for SHA+ hotels, Covid-19 insurance, Thailand Pass registration, and MorChana, the official tracking app.

Additional services include arrival and tax refunds as well as online alerts to the Tourist Police through the application.

According to Minister of Tourism and Sports Phiphat Ratchakitprakarn, the portal will be developed between 2022 and 2024 as part of the ministry’s e-service roadmap in order to assist tourists during the pandemic who may face difficulties with complicated requirements.

Government Launches Entry Thailand Website to Assist Tourists

The Ministry of Tourism seeks to reduce the difficulties tourists face when planning trips to Thailand by providing this platform,” Mr Phiphat said.

According to him, the improvement in Covid-19 has encouraged the government to hope that reopening the border with four neighbours and generating 8-15 million tourists would improve the economy by 1.3-1.8 trillion baht.

If the trend continues, Thailand will receive 20 million international tourists by 2023 and has an established system to handle this demand is essential.

Ministry officials claim that the new Entry Thailand website will centralise information regarding travel in Thailand, such as attractions, transportation, and food.

In the next phase, the ministry will encourage other state authorities to showcase their products and services on the platform. It will also allow startups to connect their products and services to Entry Thailand.

The ministry intends to make the website available to 7 billion tourists worldwide through the first phase of the project, which is budgeted to cost 49.6 million baht.

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