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GMMTV Actor Pawin Thanik Suspended Indefinitely Amidst Controversial Drama

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Pawin Thanik

(CTN News) – In a shocking turn of events, GMMTV actor Pawin Thanik, known for his role in the series “We Are,” has been suspended from all work indefinitely following a heated drama issue.

The controversy unfolded on February 23 when Pawin-Thanik Kamontharanon, a teenage actor under the renowned GMMTV label, became the center of attention after a young woman publicly attacked him, revealing photos of her boyfriend.

The woman took to Instagram to post images allegedly depicting a bruised Pawin Thanik, sparking a wave of criticism on social media. The incident prompted GMMTV to step forward and address the issue.


GMMTV Halts Pawin Thanik’s Career Amid Controversial Legal Battle

In a statement released on February 27, the agency announced the suspension of the young actor until the case reaches a conclusion.

The official announcement read, “Regarding the suspension of Pawin-Thanik Kamontharanon: Progress in the case of the actor under GMMTV who is currently in the legal process.

The company would like to inform you that Pawin will be suspended from all activities until the case is concluded.

This suspension will be effective immediately, allowing Pawin to focus on dealing with the legal proceedings. Once the lawsuit concludes and a clear resolution is reached, the company will provide further updates.”

Pawin Thanik, who plays a significant role in the ongoing series “We Are,” has requested to withdraw from the project in light of the controversy.

As fans anxiously await the agency’s decision on how to handle the series without Pawin, the future remains uncertain for both the actor and the production. GMMTV has yet to announce any adjustments to the series’ guidelines or cast.

The suspension of Pawin Thanik raises questions about the impact on his career and the fate of “We Are,” leaving fans and industry insiders curious about the unfolding developments in this dramatic saga.

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