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German Tourists Jumps to His Death From Cliff in Southern Thailand



German Tourists Jumps to His Death in Southern Thailand

On Saturday afternoon, a German tourist fell to his death from a cliff on a nature trail in Thailand’s Mu Ko Phi Phi National Park in Krabi province. His lifeless body was discovered below the cliff. Police later identified the victim as “Loo Kevin Andre,” from Germany.

According to Mr. Teekhawuth Sriburin, chief of the national park, the German tourist jumped abruptly off the cliff, leaving park staff stunned.

Mr. Teekhawuth stated that he received a phone call on Saturday afternoon from a German man who informed him that his son, a tourist named Loo, had been in the Khao Ngon Nak mountain area.

The caller expressed concern that Loo was suffering from depression and wanted to commit suicide, asking park officials to look for him.

The Thap Khaek forest staff checked the log book and discovered that Loo began hiking at 11:12 am. They requested that the caller send them a photograph of Loo for use in a search.

Park rangers, around 5:30 pm, discovered Loo. He agreed that they invited the tourist to accompany them to their office.

Loo received a phone call around 6:30 pm, after a 2km descent from where rangers discovered him. When he finished the call, Loo turned to the rangers, apologized, ran to the cliff’s edge, and jumped off.

German Tourists Jumps to His Death in Southern Thailand

Park rangers said he moved so quickly that they couldn’t stop him, leaving them stunned.

The rangers contacted local rescue units to search for the German tourist about 50 meters beneath the cliff.

At around 1 am on Sunday, one of the two teams discovered Loo’s body below the cliff. His body was transported to Krabi Hospital for an autopsy.

Police said the German embassy would be notified once the autopsy results were known.

The 3.7km nature trail on the Khao Ngon Nak mountain, about 500 meters above sea level, is popular with thrill seekers.

Meanwhile, a Tourist Police officer and two traffic police sergeants are being investigated for providing a controversial VIP service to a female Chinese tourist, rushing her through passport control and escorting her from Suvarnabhumi airport to Pattaya.

Thailand’s Police inspector-general, Pol Gen Visanu Prasattongosoth, said on Sunday that the national police chief had ordered a probe to identify the 3 policemen in a video clip shot by a female Chinese tourist to support her claim that she had paid thousands of baht for special treatment from authorities.

She was rushed through immigration at Suvarnabhumi airport and then given a motorcycle escort to her destination hotel in Pattaya late Thursday night, complete with siren and flashing lights.

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The three officers were being investigated, and the two traffic officers were transferred to inactive positions.

According to the source, in addition to the three police officers, their supervisors, including superintendents, deputies, and inspectors, would be investigated.

On Sunday, a white Yamaha MT-09 motorcycle registered in Bangkok was parked at the Bangkok Traffic Police Division. It was thought to be the motorcycle that escorted the Chinese visitor. The motorcycle was registered as a private rather than a police vehicle, but it had a siren and emergency lights.

According to Pol Maj Gen Apichart Suriboonya, deputy commissioner of the Tourist Police Bureau, because the police escort incident occurred in a private vehicle, the officers involved did not commit a criminal offense but were considered to have acted inappropriately.

“The Tourist police must serve all tourists as a group and not treat any one person differently,” he said.

No organizations requested special treatment for any tourists that day, and the service was thought to have been provided as a sideline, according to Pol Maj Gen Apichart.

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