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FIDE Temporarily Bars Transgender Women from Women’s Chess Events



FIDE Temporarily Bars Transgender Women from Women's Chess Events

(CTN News) – In a recent decision, the world’s leading chess federation, Fide, based in Lausanne, Switzerland, has announced that transgender women will be temporarily excluded from official female events until its officials conduct a comprehensive review of the situation. This announcement, made on Monday, has sparked debates and criticisms from both advocacy groups and supporters of transgender rights.

Fide’s Assessment Process for Transgender Women’s Participation May Take Up to Two Years

Fide’s decision stems from the increasing number of recognition requests from players who identify as transgender. The federation clarified that the participation of transgender women in its events would hinge upon a case-by-case analysis. However, this assessment process could extend over up to two years.

Fide underscored the significance of the gender change, emphasizing its profound impact on a player’s status and future eligibility for tournaments. The federation asserted that any gender change must be substantiated by relevant proof and documentation.

Specifically, if a player transitions from male to female, they will not be granted the right to participate in official Fide events for women until the federation makes a subsequent decision.

Fide acknowledged that issues related to transgender players are an evolving concern within the world of chess. The federation also recognized the potential need for further policy development in alignment with research evidence in the future.

Efforts to seek additional clarification or comments from top federation officials and the federation’s headquarters in Switzerland remained unanswered at the reporting time.

This announcement coincides with the ongoing World Cup event hosted by Fide in Azerbaijan, attended by renowned players, including the top-ranked Magnus Carlsen.

Fide’s competitive landscape includes open competitions encompassing all players and specialized categories catering to women, young players, and even computer-based competitors.

The question of policies governing transgender athletes has been a point of discussion in various sports, particularly those involving strenuous physical activity. While chess doesn’t involve physical exertion like many other sports, the chess community is now grappling with formulating policies regarding transgender athletes.

In recent years, major sporting bodies like the International Cycling Union, track and field, and swimming have been addressing the issue of transgender athletes in their respective domains. Just last month, the cycling federation ruled that transgender athletes who transitioned after male puberty will no longer be eligible to compete in women’s races.

As the chess community navigates these complex and evolving challenges, Fide’s decision and its subsequent implications will likely continue to fuel discussions about inclusivity, gender identity, and fair competition within chess.

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