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CZUR Releases the Mirror: a Brand New Sitting Posture Corrector

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CZUR: Eighty-five percent of the population sits incorrectly unconsciously. This should make most of us feel better about our sitting habits. If you have back and neck pain from sitting incorrectly at work, this is a simple but very effective way to improve

your posture. Our gentle reminders from the device will assist you in gradually reducing pressure on the lumbar and cervical vertebrae. It is straightforward to use and configure.

This can quickly become a problem if you are of the WFH (working from home) generation or have a sedentary lifestyle in the office but are experiencing back pain. The CZUR mirror will constantly remind you to sit correctly, whether it’s because of your chair or because you have a habit of leaning far forward and hunching over the keyboard.

The CZUR mirror will encourage an upright position by detecting when someone lowers their head or lean forward, which is common among laptop users. Even if someone buys a laptop stand, the CZUR Mirror will come in handy.

That may be what some people need to do to maintain their health.

The use of a postural corrector stimulates the muscle memory around the spine, assisting us in correcting previously learned bad postural habits.

Back correctors are the most basic solution for correcting posture and preventing pain or other problems caused by poor posture.

Let’s take a quick look at the features that distinguish the CZUR mirror from the other posture corrector.

The metal cylinder is as long and tall as an average hand and fits discreetly on any desk. Furthermore, after plugging it into an available USB port on your computer, it will be up and running in less than a minute. There is no software required, but you can install an app for more options.

The CZUR Mirror AI Posture Corrector monitors your sitting habits using artificial intelligence technology. Once a base posture is established, you will be notified by indicator lights and a voice that it needs to be readjusted.

There are two modes to choose from: intelligent and custom.

  • Smart is the default setting, and it refers to the good sitting posture for working at a standard desk. If you’ve ever had a keyboard or computer teacher, you’re probably familiar with this pose. Straight back, slightly inward at the chin, eyes at screen level, and forearms at keyboard level.
  • There is a custom mode for those who do not have a standard desktop and computer setup. Users can use this feature to create good postures. This could mean sitting up a little more, leaning back a little more, or whatever. Custom options may be preferred by artists, designers, craftspeople, and others. You continue to receive the same warnings, but they are now based on the position you take.

We created The CZUR Mirror AI Posture Corrector intending to make it far less intrusive than the wearable devices that wrap around your chest, arms, and back to force you to sit correctly. The CZUR Mirror AI Posture Corrector is also suitable for children and adults because it adapts to your proper sitting posture.

There is also a more practical feature. When you have sat for an extended period, you will be reminded. This is fantastic for people who get caught up in their work and find themselves sitting for hours on end without a break.

It aids in the prevention of back pain and scoliosis.

The corrector reminds us which posture is correct due to its use. It prevents us from hunching forward or adopting a “hunchbacked” stance.

Enhances physical endurance

It aids in proper breathing, which allows us to extend our exercise routines and improve our physical resistance.

Use indefinitely

The use of our back corrector regularly improves our body memory while also strengthening the muscles. This means that your muscle will maintain a correct alignment through muscle memory without the need for the corrector over time.

A Must-Have for Both Children and Adults

As we all know, it is effortless for children to learn anything, including bad or good habits, not only on postures. The AI mirror will help children learn a good sitting posture without interfering with their studies.

The CZUR app, which also works with other CZUR products, is available on the Google Play Store and is always active when the device and phone are connected.

To use the app, you must enable location and Bluetooth settings. After pairing, you can change a few settings and receive a report on your sitting habits.

You can change the posture mode, the sensitivity, the sedentary reminder, the volume, the brightness, and the firmware

Like most of us, your posture is the last thing on our minds when we’re sitting or standing at a desk for hours. We are not going to talk about one of those awkward-looking posture-correcting devices. We are going to talk about The CZUR Mirror AI Posture Corrector, which is here to help people improve their posture in just seven days while not requiring them to wear anything. The big question you are trying to ask is how can we make it possible?. Who are” the CZUR company”?

CZUR is a high-tech company founded in July 2013 with the primary goal of developing intelligent hardware solutions for businesses and individuals. Our goal is to create intelligent office devices that use the most up-to-date technology and people to improve work efficiency in office settings significantly.

We had already demonstrated our commitment to the business by developing Flattening Curve technology and integrating it into intelligent image processing software. Scanning a book becomes as simple as turning a page with our CZUR Smart Book Scanner,

incorporating these features into powerful hardware. Place the text beneath the scanner’s camera, press the scan button, and your book will remain intact from beginning to end. Scanning a book is as simple as turning a page with the CZUR Smart Book Scanner.


Suppose you are someone who alternates between sitting up straight and hunching over the keyboard and getting too close to your screen. In that case, you will be intrigued by our small device that uses light and sound thanks to the AI we used. This device, it will encourage you to sit correctly to avoid back, leg, etc. neck pain.

In just a week, you will notice a significant improvement in your posture. For $ 69, you can try the CZUR Mirror AI Posture Corrector for yourself.

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CZUR Official Website:


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