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Fake Chiang Rai Cop Arrested by Cyber Police for Duping Victims Out of Bt150 Million



Fake Chiang Rai Cop Arrested by Cyber Police

Cyber Police have arrested a major call centre scam member in Ayutthaya province after he posed as a senior police officer in Chiang Rai, duping three victims into transferring more than 150 million baht.

Chonwicha Pansamut, 32, was apprehended by police officers from the Cyber Police and investigators from the Metropolitan Police Bureau in Ayutthaya’s Wang Noi district.

The arresting squad took the suspect’s assets, including bank accounts, gold jewellery, cash, watches, and mobile phones. He was charged with conspiracy to commit public fraud, illegal assembly, transnational crime, entering false data into a computer system, money laundering, and other offences.

Cyber Police had previously requested permission from the Court to issue 58 warrants for call center scammers preying on victims.

Authorities collected proof that Mr. Chonwicha, who pretended to be the police chief in northern Thailand’s Chiang Rai province, was a primary suspect in three big scam cases in which victims were duped into sending more than 150 million baht.

On October 17, Cyber Police investigators joined Cambodian police in raiding a building harbouring call center scammers in Poipet, Cambodia.

The Taiwanese gang leaders fled through a secret tunnel in the building. Mr. Chonwicha was one of the scam artists.

Cyber Police Shadowed Scammer

Later, the Cyber Police learned that the suspect had returned to Thailand. They began tracking his movements, which led to his arrest in Ayutthaya.

Mr. Chonwicha confessed all allegations during questioning, according to a police source. He admitted to working with other scam artists to trick victims into sending money to his gang.

In November of last year, he sneaked across the border to Cambodia using a natural border to work as an administrator of a gaming website in Poipet township.

In February, he started operating as a phone call scammer in the second line of phone scam operations. He pretended to be a police chief in Chiang Ra province.

His Taiwanese scam gang superiors were pleased with his performance and advanced him to the third line of the scam operation. He later enticed his victims to wire 7-8 million baht to his group each month.

Cyber Police Tag Him for 3 other Big Cases

In the first instance, he persuaded Ms. Ampha, a retired teacher, to wire him 11 million baht in April this year.

In the second case, the suspect swindled stock investor Wichai out of 41 million baht in July.

The third victim was a doctor in Chumphon province who was deceived into sending 101 million baht to the gang.

Police did not reveal the victims’ surnames.

According to the suspect, his group had roughly 50-60 Thai employees. Chonwicha was paid around 20,000 baht per month for the 1-3 months he worked.

Following that, his income was increased to 30,000 baht plus 3% in commission fees from the money he defrauded from victims.

His commission fees from swindling the three major victims totalled 2 million baht. He made approximately 4 million baht since joining the investment scam gang.

He spent approximately one million baht to construct a house and gave approximately one million baht to his parents.

He spent roughly 500,000 baht on gold jewellery and the remainder on personal costs and internet gaming. The suspect was turned over to CSI Police, and local authorities seized his assets.

Police Open Fire in Crowded Street

Plainclothes police officers opened fire on a car driven by a suspected drug dealer fleeing on Phetkasem Road on Friday evening, prompting residents to fear and escape for safety.

The suspect is still at large.

Around 5.15 p.m., the incident occurred near The Mall Bangkae in the Bang Kae neighbourhood. The event did not result in any injuries, but it did cause damage to five automobiles, all of which were hit by the suspect’s vehicle.

According to Pol Maj Gen Jirasan Kaewsaeng-ek, the Metropolitan Officers deputy commissioner, the incident began when police stormed a house during an investigation into a drug network.

They could apprehend two individuals, but the third, later identified as Chonthat Natheemas, 29, managed to flee in a car.

During the pursuit, police fired rounds at the suspect’s tires to keep him from injuring himself or others or causing property damage, according to Pol Maj Gen Jirasan.

He said that the cops were following police protocol regarding car chases.

The suspect, however, was able to dump the car, a white Honda HR-V with Bangkok license plates, in a parking lot in the Phasi Charoen area and remained large on Saturday.

Semi-Naked Robber

Police in Si Sa Ket are looking for a semi-naked guy who robbed eight residences in one night while wearing nothing below the waist and did not appear embarrassed to be captured on CCTV.

Locals in the Huai Thap Than district said the man stole about 10,000 baht in cash from one house alone but then attacked the others when the inhabitants realized they were being watched.

Puangphet Somsiri, 50, said she was sleeping early on October 21 when she heard someone in the next room examining a desk drawer.

“I called out when I heard someone loosening the zip on my money bag. The intruder was scared and ran, “She stated to reporters.

CCTV footage shows her racing after the man while wearing a balaclava and a black T-shirt. He flees through the rear door.

When she later examined the CCTV footage, she realized he was nude below the waist, which does not appear to have hampered his housebreaking efforts, partly because several homeowners obligingly left their doors unlocked.

“I spoke with the neighbours and discovered he had broken into eight locations and stolen over 10,000 baht in cash; however, he had left his victim’s phones and other belongings behind. I believe he showed there naked to have his way with any women he found, “She stated.

Natchanon Potnadee, 43, said she heard her 12-year-old daughter screaming about an intruder in the house at 1 a.m.

“The intruder grabbed my daughter’s arm, but she escaped from the room and notified me,” she explained. He got in through the rear door, which was unlocked.

Later that morning, Piengjai Sathan, 58, claimed she would pay for some items when she opened her handbag and discovered her money had vanished.

“My keys and two phones were still there, but over 7,000 baht in cash had vanished. My spouse examined his wallet and saw that 2,000 baht had gone missing. At home, I had placed my purse on a desk, “She stated.

“Locals later told me that a half-naked man had been breaking into their homes. My rear door was not locked, so I believe he got in that way, “She stated. Police are looking into it.

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