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Antisemitic and Islamophobic Hate Crimes Surge in UK After Hamas Attack on Israel



Police Record Rise in Religious Hate Crimes After Israel-Gaza War

(CTN News) – According to data from several major UK police agencies, the number of antisemitic hate crimes increased significantly in the thirty days following the Hamas assault on Israel.

There was an increase in Islamophobic offences, according to some forces, however the overall picture is more complicated.

Yielding “shocking” results, according to the Jewish charity Community Safety Trust.

The anti-Muslim movement has characterized them as “deeply worrying” at the same time.

According to the data gathered by the PA news agency, antisemitic crimes increased sharply in the larger areas covered by the police force in the month after the assaults on October 7.

There were 74 antisemitic acts reported to Greater Manchester Police, up from 15 at the same time last year, and 34 Islamophobic offences, down from 43 in the previous year.

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At the same time, there was an increase from 10 antisemitic incidents in 2022 to 53 documented by West Yorkshire Police. It added that the number of Islamophobic offences increased from 29 to 49, which is the highest increase of any occurrence.

During the month leading up to November 7th, 22 antisemitic incidents were recorded by the West Midlands Police, down from 1 in 2022, while 25 Islamophobic incidents were recorded, down from 33 in the previous year.

The number of antisemitic occurrences has increased from four to twenty, according to Merseyside Police. From six to ten incidents of Islamophobic violence occurred there.

A similar pattern in documented antisemitic occurrences was observed in several forces that operate throughout both urban and less populated areas, although with smaller levels of offences.

The number of antisemitic crimes registered by Hertfordshire Police increased to 17 in 2023 from 6 in 2022, while the number recorded by Thames Valley Police increased from 1 to 21.

The British Transport Police, on the other hand, registered the largest spike, with 87 antisemitic offences, up from eight in the corresponding time of 2022. Reports of Islamophobic crimes increased from two to twenty-two, the source added.

According to a representative from the Community Security Trust, the data clearly shows “the extent of the unacceptable rise in anti-Jewish hatred across the country” since Oct. 7.

Massive March Against antisemitism in London Draws 100000 Including Boris Johnson

With the phrase “wider society shows its disgust for this racist hate crime” in their lips, they emphasized how critical it was to find and punish those responsible.

Islamophobic bigotry is a “deeply worrying” problem, according to Tell Mama director Iman Atta, who also notes that it is impacting communities’ “trust in authorities and their sense of identity and belonging.” Tell Mama tracks instances of anti-Muslim abuse.

She stated, “We should never allow such hatred and intolerance to take root in our communities and at this time.”

“Please look out for each other, whether Muslim or Jewish,” she said. “We must stand together against intolerance, hate and racism.”

Of the 46 police forces in the United Kingdom, 31 responded to PA’s Freedom of Information request.

Despite prior reports of significant increases in antisemitic and Islamophobic crimes, the numbers from the Metropolitan Police in London are absent from the analysis.

The police stated that it would not be able to provide complete data until the new year due to delays.

In the thirty days leading up to November 7th, the Met had previously documented 188 arrests for hate crimes and violent crimes. It stated that most of the detainees were held on suspicion of antisemitic crimes in connection to demonstrations that took place in London.

“Unacceptable” was the word used by Paul Travers, the then-commander of criminal justice at the Met, to describe the increase in religiously motivated crimes in the capital.

“No one should be subjected to hate because of their faith or race, and we are taking action against those who are offending,” stated the president.

We cannot compare the number of offences across different areas using the data gathered by PA since police departments use different methodologies to register hate crimes.

For the same reason, these numbers cannot be used to calculate a total for the whole United Kingdom.

There is no room in our society for hate, and we strongly denounce the recent surge in reported antisemitic and anti-Muslim hatred,” stated a representative from the Home Office.

We want the police to look into every hate crime thoroughly and collaborate with the CPS to make sure the criminals responsible for these heinous acts face the full weight of the law.

“Following recent events, we have also made further funding available to Jewish and Muslim communities, to provide additional security at places of worship and faith schools.”

One thousand two hundred Israelis lost their lives in the unprecedented Hamas onslaught. A further 240 people were kidnapped.

The health ministry of the enclave, which Hamas governs, reports that more than 21,300 Palestinians have been killed in Israeli bombardments in Gaza since then.

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