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A Passenger hid Bullets in a Baby Diaper at New York’s LaGuardia Airport



A Passenger hid Bullets in a Baby Diaper at New York’s LaGuardia Airport

Surprisingly, it was a diaper that was loaded.

According to the Transportation Security Administration, on Wednesday, security personnel at New York’s LaGuardia Airport discovered 17 bullets hidden inside a disposable baby diaper.

According to the TSA, a passenger’s carry-on luggage was searched for an otherwise clean diaper after it set off an alarm in an X-ray machine at the airport security checkpoint.

The traveler first denied knowing where the diaper containing the bullets came from, as reported by the agency. The agency stated that he later proposed to his fiancée that she put it there.

The TSA did not reveal the individual’s identity, but they did say he was an Arkansas resident with a ticket to Midway Airport in Chicago. The 9mm ammo was confiscated from him by the Port Authority police.

The district attorney’s office in Queens and the airport’s operator, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, were both contacted for further information.

Another LaGuardia passenger stopped for carrying bullets—and occasionally heat—is the diaper disguiser.

Throughout the United States, airports have been experiencing this issue.

Underneath a pair of Nike sneakers in a checked bag at LaGuardia last month, TSA officers discovered a.45-caliber revolver and a magazine loaded with six rounds. Only in a secured, hard-sided container may firearms be transported as checked baggage; shoes are not permitted.

The 13 bullets were discovered in a carry-on bag containing a Mentos chewing gum package in January 2021 by police at a security checkpoint. According to the TSA, the bullets were accompanied by chunks of gum. According to the news source, the accused passenger in this case insisted the bag belonged to his son in order to avoid charges of illegally possessing ammunition.

Officers retrieved over a hundred rounds (including a loaded.22-caliber revolver and two boxes of ammunition) from a passenger’s carry-on bag in April. According to the TSA, the traveler in question stated that he had been to a shooting range but neglected to remove the weapon and ammunition before boarding the plane. He remained in custody.

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