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Briton Dies After Parachute Fails During Base Jump from 29 Story Condo

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A 33-year-old man from the United Kingdom died on Saturday when his parachute failed during a base jump from the top of a 29-story condo for his social media page.

According to police, Mr Nathy Odinson, 33 snuck into a luxury condo complex in the Bang Lamung district of Pattaya with a 30-year-old companion on Saturday night to shoot video clips of a base jump for his Facebook Page.

The companion told police that he and Mr Odinson rode a motorbike from their apartment approximately 1 km away to the condominium, they parked the bike behind the condo before heading to the rooftop to preform the stunt.

Briton Dies After Parachute Fails During base Jump from 29 Story Condo

He said Mr Odinson did his base jump off the building after preparing the gear and cameras, including one on his helmet, however the parachute did not deploy. He plunged to his death, hitting a tree before landing on the ground. He died at the spot.

His companion was still shocked, according to police, and he informed them he had known Mr Odinson for roughly five months. He said he like extreme sports, particularly skydiving.

According to Immigration police, Mr Odinson lived in Pattaya on a student visa and worked as a skydiving photographer. He uploaded photos and video to his Facebook page four hours before his death.

Officials at the condominium reported that the man had repeatedly parachuted from the premises without permission. The property owner is expected to provide additional details on the matter.

Kidnapping Scam Goes Wrong

Kidnapping Scam Goes Wrong

In other Pattaya news, a Briton and 3 of his friends were arrested in Pattaya after orchestrating a fake kidnapping to con the man’s parents into sending ransom money. Police discovered illegal drugs and firearms in their room.

On Friday, the Crime Suppression Division (CSD) and the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) arrested two Britons, one Frenchman, and a New Zealander in their rented room in Pattaya after receiving information about an alleged kidnapping of a British National.

During the raid, police officers seized illegal drugs such as 0.6 grammes of crystal meth, and a handgun.

They were all charged with unauthorised possession of Category 1 drugs, unauthorised possession of firearms, and overstaying their visa.

The arrest came when on of the Britons parents requested police assistance after their son Ian (Last Name Withheld), informed them that he had been kidnapped and that a ransom needed to be delivered to Thailand.

The International Criminal Police Organisation, or Interpol, contacted the Royal Thai Police. The CIB and CSD launched an investigation.

That resulted in a raid on the rental residence. During the search, the authorities discovered guns and drugs rather than evidence of the purported kidnapping.

The officers discovered that Ian and three of his buddies had been living together in Thailand for some time. They ran out of money, so they staged a bogus kidnapping to extract ransom money from Ian’s parents.

The 4 culprits have now been taken to the Pattaya City Police Station for judicial proceedings.

20-Year-Old Net Influencer Found Dead in Bangkok Condo

20-Year-Old Net Influencer Found Dead in Bangkok Condo


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