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Back to School Fashion Essentials for Kids



Fashion Essentials

School Fashion: While not an official holiday, the back-to-school season sounds like one to most kids and teenagers. About to meet their colleagues again, or maybe new friends or first loves, they take the opportunity to renew their wardrobe in a phenomenon that became known as “back-to-school fashion.”

Clothing retailers have already noticed it and started introducing big sales and even new clothing styles targeting this young audience. If you have kids about to go back to school, get your wallet ready! The good news is that parents can save money on back-to-school fashion if they follow certain shopping tips. Let’s take a look at everything you need to know before you go shopping.

New Year New Style

Buying new clothes for teens or kids returning to school can be difficult, even challenging. Maybe you see some exaggeration in the subject. But remember that you’ve been in their shoes before, and you know how clothing trends are especially important for the youth while in school.

The dressing style is even more important for teenagers because their body image – or the image that other young people make of them – can have a huge impact on their school routine, sometimes affecting their interaction with other people.

For teenagers, clothes, accessories, and hairstyles are one of the main ways to express themselves, show the world who they are (or would like to be), and be identified by tribes with the same tastes and interests. Therefore fashion is used as a shortcut to express themselves and build social relationships.

These are the main difficulties and pressures that young people face when dressing to go to school:

Idealized Image

Media and celebrities sell the idea of ​​perfect bodies and ultra-cool clothes. That’s why it is common for most teenagers to choose their clothes based on the latest magazines or influencer videos.

Peer Pressure

Dressing is a way for teenagers to identify with their peers. But sometimes they also choose certain clothes and styles because of peer pressure, in an attempt to avoid bullying or humiliation by peers.

Designer Brands

Complementing the previous item, teenagers tend to worry a lot about whether or not they will be accepted because of their clothes. A simple way to try to gain status is to dress up in designer clothes.

Back to School Essentials

Considering this sum of teen dramas and the desire to belong, parents need to be understanding when choosing clothing for their kids during back-to-school season.

Never dress your children as you did at school back then, or make them wear clothes, colors, or styles that they are visibly uncomfortable with. Even if your intentions are good, your children can be victims of pranks (or, worst, bullying) at school because of their clothes.

Follow these tips to renew the wardrobe of the young people in the house:

  1. Always go shopping with your children rather than picking out the clothing yourself.
  2. Take inventory of their wardrobes to determine what they really need – rather than buying the 20th look-alike black T-shirt.
  3. Suggest classic pieces that kids can build off of, like black jeans, hoodies, converse shoes, etc., in place of flashy clothes that they can get tired of very quickly.
  4. Explain the importance of buying clothing on sale, not the trendiest item just because it’s popular.
  5. Make a budget and stick to it, showing that it might be better to buy five cheaper items than a single more expensive one.
  6. Don’t forget to buy shoes (such as new sneakers for gym class) and accessories like hats, winter gloves, and glasses frames for kids.
  7. If your kids insist on more expensive designer clothes because of their friends, educate them on the value of money and find a similar, cheaper style to an item that’s trending.
  8. If you decide to give in to the appeals, check out outlet stores or online marketplaces and look for a trendy item for a reduced price.

A Lesson in Saving Money

In 2021, parents spent an estimated average of $250 on new school clothes for their children. But if you tend to buy a new back-to-school wardrobe annually, it might be a good time to sit down and talk to your kids about working out a budget before going shopping.

It’s important to educate them on the value of money from an early age, explain how much they can afford to spend, and guide them to make better choices – such as more popular clothes in place of a single branded item.

Even though the way they dress is very important for kids and teenagers, you always need to be careful not to go overboard and end up creating new slaves to brands and fashion.


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