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Avelo Airlines Will Announce Route Announcements At Lakeland Airport

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Avelo Airlines Will Announce Route Announcements At Lakeland Airport

(CTN News) – Lakeland Linder International Avelo Airlines Airport will make a big announcement about commercial flights on Wednesday afternoon, as part of a series of events.

If you are able to book a flight out of Lakeland soon, you will be able to find out where Avelo Airlines can take you and David Bryant, a Lakeland resident, as you get closer to being able to do so.

As Bryant put it, “That’s what we’re waiting for,” he said. The wife and I travel quite a lot, so I’m looking forward to the trip; we travel quite a bit together.”

There are a lot of possibilities for travel destinations with Avelo Airlines since it is still relatively new.

The Lakeland Mayor Bill Mutz said that as Avelo grows, there will be greater opportunities for it to connect to even more useful points.

According to Avelo Airlines, there are currently 50 destinations where it flies. In addition to Fort Myers, Orlando, and West Palm Beach, there are several that are located within the state of Florida.

In addition to Savannah, Raleigh, and Palm Springs, out-of-state destinations are available as well.

There is a lot of opportunity in the Bryants’ immediate vicinity, and they are eager to take advantage of them.

It would be great if more commercial Avelo Airlines came through and that would be great,” Bryant said. Being a local realtor in this area, as well as an investor in real estate, I think it is a good thing.

Bryant said he usually flies out of Orlando when he travels. In addition to him, there are many other people who make a long commute in order to travel by air.

It has been reported by Lakeland City leaders that 2,200 people from Polk County travel daily to and from other airports in order to get to and from work.

In a county that is growing at a faster rate than any other in the nation, the number of people that have to travel for a long distance to catch a flight is likely to soar.

By the summer, city leaders hope to have completed the renovations at the airport in order to facilitate the arrival of these commercial flights.

In that case, you and the Bryants could begin making reservations.

The routes of Avelo Airlines will be announced at 3:30 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon.


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