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7 Popular Cheating Methods Used by Students in Exams



Cheating Methods

Exams bring with them a lot of stress. Students are always nervous about passing, even if they have studied well. The burden of the expectations they have put on themselves often becomes too much. So, it is common for students to try and cheat. While some get caught, others succeed. Different exams bring with them different cheating methods. In this article, we will go through some popular cheating methods students use these days.

Why Students Use These Popular Cheating Methods?

As mentioned before, students put a lot of stress on themselves. These high hopes cause them to cheat. They want a good grade to get into a good college. Moreover, if they are in college, a good grade leads to them getting that dream job.

Also, there is the issue of society’s pressure. By society, I mostly mean the families of these students. Many times, their families put a lot of pressure on them to succeed. These families pin their hopes on their kids. This burden can be too much to bear for these youngsters.

Another reason for cheating is a lack of interest in the subject. For example, you might hate math. But, you think you need to study it for a better career. So, you enroll in an online math program to get a good grade. But then, you find it easier to search about how to cheat on MathXL answers than actually studying math there.

Now that you know why students cheat let us check out some popular cheating methods students use today.

Popular Cheating Methods for Exams

Using a Smartphone

Smartphone’s are a pervasive device these days. Every student has them. These devices, along with making our lives easier, also can help in cheating. There are so many ways a Smartphone can help you.

You can use its web browser to search for answers online. You can also have answers written on the note app of the phone. Also, the classic approach of having a friend send you answers via text is available.

All these reasons make using Smartphone’s one of the most popular cheating methods for students today.

Using Cheat Sheets

Unlike Smartphone’s, cheat sheets have been around for a long time. They are not a new method of cheating, but they are prevalent. For those who are not aware of a cheat sheet, it is a small piece of paper containing answers.

For subjects like math, where you need to have a lot of formulas handy, a cheat sheet is a godsend. You can write all the formulas and their usage on paper. Then, you can cheat off it during the exam. The key here is to not draw attention to yourself while you do it.

Alternatively, you can write these formulas on your hand as well. This trick works for both online and offline exams.

Today, you can get experts with profound knowledge. Students can easily approach them for

online class help. Also, once you approach them, there won’t be any need for using cheat sheets.

Cheat Using Fingernails

Yes, you read that correctly. Fingernails are another one of the widespread cheating methods being used. But, you must be thinking about how that works. It is similar to the cheat sheet idea. If you have the skills and a pen/pencil with a fine tip, you can note down answers on your fingernails.

Believe it or not, many students are using this method to cheat on essential questions. An advantage of writing on your nails is that it is less likely to be smudged, unlike writing on your skin.

Programmable Calculators

Another one of the most popular cheating methods is the programmable calculator. Most students hate math. So, here is another way to cheat on a math exam. Using calculators in most math exams is acceptable. Hence, your chances of getting caught are less.

So, the next time you are thinking about how to cheat on MyOpenMath exam, you can do this. There are scientific calculators available that let you store various formulas on them. The same goes for examples as well. During the exam, you can access these formulas and examples when needed. As I said before, you will not draw anyone’s attention while doing it.

So, this was another popular cheating method that math students use these days.

Water Bottle Label

All you need in this following popular cheating method is a water bottle. Whether you are in an examination hall or sitting on a proctored online test, you can use it. A water bottle is something you are always allowed to have with you.

Before the exam, you write down essential answers on the backside of the bottle’s label. Then. During the exam, you can sneak a peek at it when needed. Again, the key here is not paying attention to yourself while doing it.

Using Your Cap’s Brim

If you are allowed to wear a cap during an exam, it can be an excellent place to hide answers. That is why using the cap’s brim is another popular cheating method. The process is not rocket science. Write some answers under the cap’s brim. Then, all that is needed is to glance up, and there they are.

However, it is a risky method. If a teacher inclines to ask you to remove the cap and check it, you are in trouble. So, use this method carefully, as I know all other students already do.

Using Mirror Glasses

If you generally wear glasses, this is one of the most popular cheating methods. Most of you already know what mirror glasses are. So, I will not waste your time by telling you again.

There are many ways to use them. You can write on their inside to see the answers. Also, you can use them to see the responses of your classmates. It works sort of like the rearview mirror of a car.

In Conclusion

These are some of the most popular cheating methods used by students today. Some of these can work for both online and offline exams. On the other hand, some might work in only one particular case.

I wish to tell all the readers that this list is only for informational purposes. Remember, cheating is an offense, and upon getting caught, there can be severe consequences. If anyone wants to try these tricks, you will be doing so at your own risk.


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