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Police Now Believe Woman Murdered13 Through Cyanide Poisoning

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Police Now Believe Woman Murdered13 Through Cyanide Poisoning

Thailand’s Crime Suppression Division police detectives are seeking testimony from two crucial players in the serial cyanide poisoning case of a woman suspected of murdering 13 people. Two victims who allegedly survived the woman’s cyanide poisoning attempts have filed complaints with police.

Ms. Sararat Rangsiwuthaporn, the former-wife of a senior Ratchaburi police officer, is four months pregnant. Following her divorce last year, she began dating a new boyfriend, who died last month in suspicious circumstances, the Bangkok Post reported on yesterday.

CSD Police also stated that investigators had assigned to speak with poisons and chemicals specialists. Police officers are interested in learning more about cyanide poisoning, as well as the amount that would cause injury to the body and death. This information will be included in a police report, along with evidence of cyanide found in the body of one of the victims related to the suspect.

Police investigators are now preparing to file additional charges in addition to premeditated murder with intent to take property, poisoning, and theft are the other allegations. Some offences carry the death penalty according to the criminal code.

Attorney, Mr. Raphee Chamnarnrue, who is assisting the victims’ relatives, stated that additional leads the police are expected to pursue involve the suspect’s claimed involvement in money lending and a pyramid scheme.

Top Police Officers Wife Arrested Over 6 Cyanide Poisoning Cases

Ms. Sararat, 36, was detained by CSD police with an arrest warrant issued by the Criminal Court in Bangkok. She was in possession of a container of cyanide and refused to give police a statement.

Her arrest was the result of a complaint filed by the mother and elder sister of Ms. Siriporn Khanwong, 32 who died on April 14. Cyanide was discovered in her body. Police investigators concluded that Ms. Sararat may have mixed cyanide into Siriporn’s food, resulting in her death. She is also accused of stealing the victim’s possessions.

Thailand’s deputy national police commander, Pol Gen Surachate Hakparn, announced on Thursday afternoon that detectives had discovered another dead victim linked to Ms. Sararat. In 2020, the victim died in a rented flat in Thailand’s Nakhon Pathom province. If confirmed, this discovery would raise the overall number of dead from cyanide poisoning to thirteen.

On Wednesday, the Criminal Court granted a CSD police request to keep Ms. Sararat in custody without bail.

Pol Gen Surachate said investigators are also looking for a man whose wife was given capsules by the suspect, who claimed they were a tonic. His wife later died.

Officers are also investigating whether Ms. Sararat’s elder sister who is a chemist. They are investigating weather she was involved in supplying the cyanide poisoning. An initial investigation revealed that the suspect obtained cyanide from another source.

Cyanide is a prohibited substance that is used in industry and cannot be acquired in a pharmacy.  Ms Sararat allegedly acquired cyanide online.

Teenagers Paid to Bury Cyanide Poisoning

Meanwhile, Five teenagers informed police that she sent them five boxes with drug bottles labelled with her name as the receiver and instructed them to bury them. They stated she paid them 500 baht for doing it.

One of them allegedly suspected what was inside the parcels and opened one of them to sniff one of the bottles. He told police that days he experienced symptoms such as dizziness and confusion.

The teenagers, however, never got around to burying the bottles because they were too busy enjoying Songkran. Ms Sararat called them to see whether they had done what she wanted, but it was too late because police had already obtained the bottles from the teenagers.

Investigators are also looking through the records of two logistics businesses for proof of deliveries that could link the suspect to the case.

Woman in Thailand Suspected of Murdering 12 People Through Cyanide Poisoning

Police have also raised concerning Ms. Sararat’s boyfriend’s death, whom she began dating after divorcing her husband last year.

Mr. Sutthisak, 35, died in Udon Thani on March 12 of this year. He passed out at a petrol station in the northeastern province’s Nong Han district after making merit with Ms Sararat at a local temple and eating at a restaurant. He was transported to Nong Han Hospital by rescue workers.

Rescue workers told police the man complained of feeling dizzy and having chest trouble. They transported him to Hospital, where he was treated and eventually released. He died later that day at a hostel in Udon Thani.

Woman Begged to Stay With Husband

Ms. Sararat told authorities that he had high blood pressure and that she had no concerns about his death. Ms Sararat celebrating her birthday on the night her partner died, according to a friend’s Facebook page.

Pol Gen Surachate said a friend of the deceased told detectives that he felt Ms. Sararat murdered Sutthisak for money. However, police investigators are awaiting the results of a lab test on a bottle of drugs that a friend claimed Mr. Sutthisak received from the woman.

On Thursday, the suspect’s ex-husband spoke with investigators and claimed that he still resided with Ms. Sararat until their divorce. He said that Ms. Sararat had begged to live with him again.

Meanwhile, Attorney Raphee Chamnarnrue claims there are five groups of victims in the cyanide poisoning case. They were those who participated in a pyramid scheme with the suspect, those who loaned her money, those who gave her money to provide money lending services, those who mortgaged their cars or assets, and those who authorised her to borrow from savings cooperatives.

He urged relatives of the five groups of deceased victims to contact him or the police officers in charge of the investigation.

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