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Police Discover 11 Dead at Cult Temple in Thailand

The cult temple leader was also known to treat people for illnesses. Treatments included drinking his urine, excrement, phlegm, and scurf.



Police Discover 11 Dead Bodies at Cult Temple in Thailand

Authorities in central northeastern Thailand have discovered 11 bodies in coffins at a temple of a cult preaching superstition and providing bizarre treatment for wide a range of diseases.

The Temple was raided by local administrative officials and police, including the provincial governor and the provincial police.

According to Thai news media, the cult leader forced patients to drink his urine and excrement, along with other unsanitary practices.

Officials found 11 coffins at the premise — five of which had no death certificates, as the cult didn’t keep death certificates.

Mr. Tawee Nanra, 75, the alleged cult leader, was then arrested amid protests from his followers.

Chaiyaphum governor, Kraisorn Kongchalad has also ordered post-mortem examinations to be conducted on the 11 bodies found at the temple immediately.

According to followers, the bodies were used in rituals designed to send them to heaven. They could only produce death certificates for five of the deceased.

Police said the temple had been opened by a group of people belonging to a cult spreading superstitious beliefs.

The cult leader was also known to treat people for illnesses. Treatments included drinking his urine, excrement, phlegm, and scurf.

Cult Temple Leader Arrested

Cult Temple Leader Arrested

Police took the suspected cult leader to Khon San police station. He has been charged with public land encroachment, forest encroachment, and violating the Communicable Disease Act.

A police spokesman said any further action would depend on the results of post-mortem examinations of the 11 bodies.

Mr. Tawee is also being investigated for providing medical treatment without a license.

Meanwhile, Governor Kraisorn said the activities at the cult temple, especially the weird treatments, were unacceptable and above all disgusting.

According to him, Mr. Tawee violated the Communicable Disease Act as his followers did not wear face masks during gatherings.

He added that he may face additional charges including encroaching on a public space, which would lead to the temple being demolished.

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