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High School Students Rally in Bangkok Demanding Education Reform



High School Students Rally in Bangkok Demanding Education Reform

Hundreds of high school students demonstrated in Bangkok on Saturday, demanding reform of an education system in Thailand. The students say the education system is outdated and are calling for dramatic changes. The high schools students protests are just the latest as for more than a month anti-government protests have erupted throughout the Kingdom.

The Student Protests that began on Thai university campuses have taken place almost daily since mid-July. In a increasingly challenge to Thailand’s military backed government. Some protesters are also demanding change to the powerful monarchy.

Over 600 high school students rallied outside the education ministry in Bangkok. They called for the freedom to be able to speak their minds at school. Furthermore the relaxation of rigid rules on uniforms and behaviour.

“Thai education has made us puppets,” 18-year-old Supicha “Menu” Chailom said. “We are not robots of the system, we are the youth and have the right to express ourselves.”

Protesters give three finger salute in Bangkok

Protesters give three finger salute in Bangkok

Protests spread to some high schools last month, with students raising the “Hunger Games” three-finger salute during morning assemblies. A symbol of the pro-democracy, anti-government movement in Thailand.

Education Minister Nataphol Teepsuwan told Reuters that he respected students’ rights.

“The issues that the youth raised are things we can come to an understanding on as long as we respect each other and the rules,” he said.

Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha, the main target of the protests, last week warned protesters they were creating divisions that could cause the collapse of Thailand and leave it “engulfed in flames”.

He has particularly condemned those who have demanded reforms to the monarchy – once a taboo subject.

On Saturday, Thailand’s government released a cartoon drawn by King Maha Vajiralongkorn, who spends most of his time in Europe, that portrayed a happy Thai family living a contended rural life.

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