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British Woman, 87 Expresses Regret Moving to Thailand



British Woman, 87 Expresses Regret Moving to Thailand
Christine Gloria Fox: MSN Image

An 87-year-old British woman in Thailand has expressed regret for moving to the Kingdom to be closer to her family, as she struggles to live on her “frozen” UK state pension of just £300 per month.

Christine Gloria Fox lives on Thailand’s east coast in Pattaya, which she describes as “an expensive area” with year-round visitor activity on the beaches. She’s unable to enjoy her golden years in the renowned beach town since her whole UK state pension “goes directly to the doctors”.

Her state pension has remained stuck at that level since she moved to Thailand 24 years ago, as it does not increase annually due to the triple lock system.

She desperately wants to return to the UK, but her poor health has rendered her unfit to fly. And with little money to live on, she must rely on her son, Jon Fox, 63, to fund expenses.

“She’s had too many tumbles,” he said. “She can’t walk, she falls over, and she struggles with everything as she gets older.

“She can’t see properly, she’s blind as a bat, and we’re attempting to raise money for a [eye] procedure that will cost between £5,000 and £6,000.

“She wanted to go home [to the UK] several times, but physicians refused to give her a fit-for-flight certificate.

Fox moved to Thailand 35 years

Mr Fox stated that he and his daughter pay for Ms Fox’s electricity bills and meals, which amount to at least double the £300 she receives in state pension, her sole source of income. “That’s just for necessities, not for anything like buying a handbag,” he stated.

“We’ve had it tough, too,” he remarked of his family, adding that the Covid-19 outbreak “was very tough” on his business. Mr Fox moved to Thailand 35 years ago and now lives with his wife and six children.

“That’s why she stayed here all these years because she can’t go anywhere else.”

Mr. Fox has erected a studio apartment behind his vehicle rental agency for his mother, who is too frail to live alone.

“We got a business but we don’t know what we’re going to finish up with at the end of the month,” he stated. “Of course, we want the best for her… but it is a burden on me and my daughter.”

Britons in Thailand do not receive the increase to state pension every year in line with whichever is highest out of wage growth, inflation or 2.5 per cent, known as the triple lock.  This is because Thailand, among many other countries outside of Europe, does not have a reciprocal social security agreement with the UK.

Currently over 1 million British seniors are living overseas: File Image

Currently over 1 million British seniors are living overseas: File Image

British seniors living overseas

It makes Ms Fox “very angry,” according to her son, who adds that she paid into the tax system when she lived in Lincolnshire and worked on the family farm.

“She regrets moving to Thailand,” Mr Fox explained. “If she had known it would be like this, she would have stayed [in the UK], without a doubt.” “She isn’t happy here.”

The Department for Work and Pensions says its website contains information about how relocating overseas can affect people’s finances.

According to estimates from the Department for Work and Pensions, there are currently over 1 million (1,152,585) British seniors living overseas who get the UK state pension. This is greater than the number of retirees living in London (922,162).

According to data from the Office for National Statistics, 207,300 British people aged 65 and up live in the European Union. Many people reside in sunny southern European nations such as Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria, Malta, and Cyprus.

If you want to escape the expense of living issue by spending your golden years in a warmer and more affordable location, there are some factors to consider first.

Source: MSN

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