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Bifold vs. Trifold: Which Wallet to Choose?



Bifold vs. Trifold: Which Wallet to Choose?

Men’s wallets are not just for storing cards and money. They are an essential accessory that can switch up the entire look. The options come in a huge variety, from the materials used to the types to the wallet style. However, the debate has always been between the bifold and trifold wallets. So, which one should you choose among the two options and why? Read on to know more.

What Are Bifold Wallets?

As the name suggests, the bifolds have one fold and two flaps. This means that they have two sections for storing your cards and money. They often have a slim design as you only have one fold and two sections. While the storage may be limited, they are slimmer and easier to carry.

Their slimness makes them an attractive choice for men who love to carry wallets in their pants. They fit well in the pocket without making you feel any heaviness.

For most men, this was their first type of wallet. Their lightweight nature makes them perfect for carrying a little emergency cash supply and a few cards. If you only need to carry three or four cards, then this is your best option.

What are Trifold Wallets?

You guessed right! The leather trifold men’s wallets have two folds and three storage sections. Unlike their bifold counterparts, they are thicker and allow more space. Following this, they may be uncomfortable to carry in your pants pockets for the entire day.

They have extra space, and the extra flap allows you to carry more cards and cash. You can stash your gift, membership, and business cards without issue. If you need to carry many cards at once or love being prepared at all times, the trifold wallet options are your best bet.

However, instead of having them in your pocket, you can carry them in your bag or cargo pockets.

A Quick Guide to Selecting the Ideal Wallet

A good wallet from David Hampton serves a man as perfectly as a fitting suit would. As such, choosing the right one is paramount for you. This section will discuss aspects to consider when choosing between trifold and bifold wallets.

The Functionality

What do you need from the wallet? Wallets are not just aesthetic accessories. You may have a good-looking one, but it doesn’t serve its purpose. The first thing you must consider when purchasing the wallet is how well it serves your needs. If you intend to carry ten cards, the trifold will be better suited than the bifold option.

Your Lifestyle

The ultimate choice of wallet comes down to your preferences and lifestyle. Consider your career, hobbies, and style of dressing as you choose. While careers may be the same, your lifestyle could be different.

For instance, if you always pass by the gym in the evening, you may need to carry your gym membership card, while another person doesn’t have to. If your job is outdoorsy and allows you to wear cargo pants, carrying a trifold wallet will be easier.

On the other hand, getting a bifold wallet will be more comfortable if you are always dressed officially and the job involves sitting down a lot. Think about your lifestyle before making that decision.

Your Budget

How much do you intend to spend on your wallet acquisition? The budget you have for a wallet determines what you will get. A good wallet made from good materials and a perfect finish will cost you more than a traditional wallet.

While pricing is crucial, you must be careful not to compromise quality in the name of saving a few bucks. Check for sleekness and timelessness, as this will translate into durability. Even though you buy it at a higher cost, you will enjoy the wallet for longer.

The Material and Size

Most quality wallets are made from leather. However, as you embark on the purchasing process, you need to check the quality of the leather and ensure that it is legit. Good quality leather will serve you for long and maintain its luster over time.

To know the ideal wallet size, you need to clean out your existing wallet. Chances are you have unneeded items such as expired gift cards, or a business card belonging to someone you disconnected with ages ago. With the number of cards now determined, knowing the perfect option between the leather trifold men’s and bifold wallet becomes easier.

The RFID-Blocking Technology

Technology has hugely advanced over the years. This growth has been in both the positive and negative sides. To protect your cards from unwarranted reading, you need an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) blocking wallet. These wallets are manufactured with a layer of carbon fibre or aluminium to block signals from your cards.


As you can see, choosing the ideal wallet depends on your needs, preferences, and functionality. The bifold and trifold are great wallet styles, but their ideality depends on you as the user. With the guidelines above, it should be easy to land the right one for your needs.


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