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Must-Have Decorating Essentials At Your Upcoming Ginuary Party 2024



Ginuary party

January has arrived, and so has Ginuary! A Ginuary party is a celebration and appreciation of the liquor gin during the January period with sales and bargains on offer for the drink. It is a stark contrast to dry January, which people participate in to take a break from alcohol post-holiday season.

If you’re opting to celebrate Ginuary, then there’s no better way to appreciate the liquor than with loved ones. You may want to host a gin-themed party or gathering at your home to show off your newfound collection of gin bottles to sample and taste test. To help you out with your party prep, here are some essential decorations you will like to have at your Ginuary celebration.

1. Botanical Flair

You can’t go wrong with including greenery in your party arrangement. Gin is famous for its botanical flavours, making it even more fitting. Think real, artificial, or even both! Artificial trees, hanging ivy, potted herbs, and lush ferns are just a few of the plants you can gather for a botanical vignette. Wood slices will also contribute to a natural flair on your tabletop. Use them as coasters or as a lazy susan.

Want to take it up a notch? You can even create a DIY gin garden corner where guests can pick fresh herbs to garnish their drinks, taking the gin experience to the next level!

Ginuary party

2. DIY Gin Bottle Crafts

Been indulging in the liquor already? Don’t toss those empty gin bottles just yet! They can prove to be versatile decor options for your Ginuary party.

They can make fantastic vases, candle holders, or even string light containers. You may want to add some vibrancy to them – painting or wrapping them in twine will add more visual interest to the arrangement. These bottles are a surefire way to capture the Ginuary spirit.

3. Mood Lighting

Lighting truly sets the mood and soft, ambient lighting works wonders. Think fairy lights, candles, or even a custom neon sign that says something catchy, or shows an iconic gin-themed visual.

It’s all about creating a cosy, inviting atmosphere. Try draping string lights across the ceiling or around door frames for a starlit effect that adds a touch of whimsy. Like mentioned above, you may like to use gin bottles to put string lights across the table. You can also use coloured LED lights to add a splash of your favourite gin bottle hues – think sapphire blues or emerald greens – to really tie in the gin theme.

4. Gin Centric Table Settings

Set the table with a gin twist. If you’re a true gin aficionado, you are likely to have gin related memorabilia stashed away. Now is the time to bring them out! Whether it’s gin trivia cards, a gin-themed drinking game, infusions, or art, they are guaranteed to fit right into your Ginuary party!

Ginuary party

5. Gin Cocktail Station

What’s a Ginuary party without a gin cocktail station? Set up a DIY bar with various types of gin, tonics, and garnishes. Don’t forget to include recipe cards for classic gin cocktails and some adventurous mixes or infusers! Enhance the station with a visual guide to gin-tasting, helping guests discover the unique profiles of different gin varieties and bottles you have.

Offer a selection of mixers beyond the classic tonics, like flavoured sodas and fresh fruit juices, for a splash of unique flavour. For an interactive twist, you could also have a ‘Mix Your Own Gin Cocktail’ contest, encouraging guests to get inventive and share their own concoctions.

6. Vintage Decor

Gin has a rich history. Nod to the past with some vintage decorations – old gin ads framed, antique cocktail shakers, and vintage glasses. This adds a layer of sophistication and nostalgia to your party. Consider displaying a visual timeline that tells the story of gin through the ages, adding an educational twist to your decor. Incorporate classic gin posters or even old books about cocktails to give a touch of retro elegance.

You could also play music from the era when gin first gained popularity, creating an immersive, historical ambiance that complements the vintage theme.

7. Personalised Party Favours

As your guests depart, give them a little something to remember the night by creating party favours. Mini gin bottles with personalised labels, botanical-infused bath bombs, or custom coasters are all great options. You could also include a small booklet of gin cocktail recipes, so they can recreate their favourite drinks from the party at home.

For a more interactive memento, consider giving out seed packets of herbs used in gin production, like juniper or coriander, encouraging guests to start their own gin botanical gardens. Another thoughtful touch could be providing custom gin tasting notebooks, where guests can jot down their thoughts and preferences on different gin varieties they sampled at your party.

A Ginuary To Remember

Ginuary is a great time to gather friends and family around to share in the common interest of gin! Why not show appreciation for the month and beginning of the year by hosting a Ginuary party?


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