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Painless Wax Beans: Yes, They Exist!



Painless Wax Beans: Yes, They Exist!

Most of us shriek at the thought of waxing because of the intensity of pain it causes. And let’s not forget how messy the whole process can turn out to be. Moreover, the options available to us are quite expensive despite being equally tormenting. So, will we ever be freed from this torture?

Well, your prayers have been answered! Meet the tiny little painless wax beans that will make the whole experience of getting waxed effortless.

You no longer need to clench your fists or scream your lungs out while getting rid of unwanted body hair. Let’s get a little more familiar with this amazing entity.

These painless wax beans resemble with lentils or tiny pebbles in appearance. You will be amazed to know how effective they can be when put to use. Someone has rightly said that small things can make a big difference.


Another great thing about using painless wax beans is that you don’t need wax strips. This means that the whole procedure will be a lot less messy and you can save a good amount of money. So, let’s get started!

Heat the wax beans in the regular wax heater till it melts completely to form a smooth mixture. You can take any portion size depending on the area you want to wax. Apply the mixture on the place to be waxed and let it be for a few seconds.

Also, make sure that you have applied a thick coat on the edge as it would become much easier to remove it afterwards. Once it cools, yank off the wax and there you go! The area is as clear as it could be. Pat yourself on the back. You did well.

It might sound uncomfortable but it all depends on how fast you take off the wax. You know what they say about ripping off a Band-Aid at once to avoid the pain.


There is no particular size order of these painless wax beans and some may be larger than the others. However, they do come in a variety of colours.

For instance, the most common wax beans come in purple or pink colour but there is an abundance of choices available in the market. So, you can go for whichever colour appeals to you the most.

Different coloured painless wax beans also have a certain scent owing to their flavour. To cite an example, purple wax beans are of lavender flavour.

So, every time you wax any part of your body, the whole room will be filled with a pleasant smell which is so much better than the repulsive odour of chemical hair removal creams. This is an added advantage and definitely one of the best ones.

So, you have a plethora of options available at your disposal when it comes to choosing the flavour of wax beans you want to use. All of these options have some unique properties and you will fall in love with the whole experience. Waxing was never this fun!


Before answering the above question let’s compare both of these options and then decide our winner.

#1 Wax Beans:

  • It is less painful and does not leave behind any residue. Therefore, it is a lot easier to clean up once you are done.
  • Wax beans will get rid off even the short hairs that too one go. So, you do not have to keep applying the wax again and again.
  • Though it has a lot of benefits wax beans are still considered a luxury and are not that popular with many people. This is because they are quite expensive and not everybody wants to spend too much money on waxing!

#2 Regular Wax

  • Regular wax can create a lot of mess and is stickier than the wax beans. So, you might face a lot of problems while indulging in the process of waxing.
  • You might have to re-apply the regular wax as sometimes they do not remove the hair from its roots in one go.
  • Regular wax is cheaper as compared to the painless wax beans and this is the reason why most people opt for this option.

When it comes to benefits, the clear winner is painless wax beans. But this does not necessarily mean it is the most widely used option. People have different preferences and may choose an option that matches their list of requirements.

So, if you want to experience painless waxing, get your hands on these amazing wax beans. Believe me, once you have tried this, the whole image of waxing will be transformed in your mind.

These painless wax beans are available in stores and you can also order them online. If you want to use high-grade quality products, try using Lush Lavender Hard Wax Beans or some other great products available on Mello Beauty.

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