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Mother’s Day: What is Making young Mothers Cranky?



Mother's Day: What is Making young Mothers Cranky?

Mothers Day: The recommended sleep duration for newborns is 14-17 hours, for infants, 12-15 hours, and for toddlers, 11-14 hours. To better understand this, according to PubMed, the recommended sleep duration for newborns is between 14-17 hours, for infants, 12-15 hours, and for toddlers, 11-14 hours. An adult should ideally sleep for between 7 and 9 hours to ensure that they are on top of their energy levels throughout the day.

By Shruti Malani,

When a woman becomes a mother or father, she is introduced to an entirely new world full of excitement and unexpected challenges. As a mother, one goes through an emotional journey in which he or she feels blissful about their growing child yet is faced with challenges such as infant feeding, diaper changing, and sleep deprivation. It is extremely difficult for mothers to maintain a consistent sleep pattern during the initial months after having a child.

In order to help you understand this better, PubMed reports that newborns should be asleep for between 14-17 hours, infants should be asleep for between 12-15 hours, and toddlers should be sleeping for between 11-14 hours. In order to perform their daily activities efficiently, adults should sleep between 7 and 9 hours every night.

In order for the baby to grow properly and for the mother to stay healthy, a good night’s sleep is imperative. Based on a survey performed by Beddy by Century Mattress, 94% of new mothers are sleep deprived. The purpose of the survey was to learn about the sleep patterns of new mothers and how their health is impacted by it. Even at night, constantly watching the baby, changing diapers, and feedings require a lot of attention and time.

Shruti Malani, Co founder of Beddy by Centuary matress

Shruti Malani, Co founder of Beddy by Centuary matress

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Stress and sleeping disorders are common among new mothers

Nine out of ten moms feel exhausted and cranky at the end of the day, according to the survey. The common practice of mothers sharing a bed with their newborns disrupts their sleeping patterns. Moms have to manage the 24/7 demands of their babies as well as take care of their daily chores. New mothers are overworked in about 43% of cases. Stress and the unending load of daily chores can lead to cranky behavior in new mothers due to prolonged sleep deprivation.

Mothers in the survey cited frequent baby waking up, sharing a bed with the baby, and taking care of the baby around the clock as the three main reasons for poor quality sleep. A new mom’s health is impacted by disrupted sleep patterns. An inability to sleep may lead to irritability and emotional vulnerability. New mothers are often sleepy during the daytime, anxious, depressed, and fatigued. This condition can sometimes worsen due to insufficient sleep.

Consequences of inadequate sleep

When a woman doesn’t get enough sleep, she may suffer postpartum depression, be less responsive and affectionate towards her newborn.

According to the survey, what do moms do to overcome these issues?

Almost 74% of mothers reported that when their children sleep better, they can sleep better themselves. As well, they emphasized the importance of having a separate bed for a baby with a specially designed mattress so that both mom and the baby can sleep peacefully.

What is the most important factor?

Approximately 67% of the respondents agreed that mattresses play a vital role in back support and development. Taking care of their babies on a mattress designed for babies and kids gives them peace of mind. Furthermore, the baby will find it more comfortable and easier to move around with a separate bed. Sixty-eight percent of new moms who were surveyed said they wanted a mattress that was breathable, temperature-regulating, made of natural materials, and waterproof.

Wrapping up

Sleep-deprived mothers tend to exhibit less crankiness than those who are healthy postpartum, bond with their newborns, and enjoy the early days of motherhood. We provide mattresses designed specifically for babies, providing a comfortable and safe night’s sleep. It is important for parents and babies to have a mattress that can provide them with a peaceful night’s sleep so that they can wake up refreshed and rested.


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