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More Vape Users Switching to Pods



More Vape Users Switching to Pods

A study published by a global market research agency earlier this year showed that the global pod vapes market has grown substantially in the USA over the past four years.

This growth is predicted to continue for the foreseeable future. The market is valued at $2.5 billion today and is estimated to reach around $8.2 billion in ten years’ time.

What is a pod vape?

A vape pod is a compact and convenient type of vaping device that comprises a battery and a pod instead of a tank. The pod does the same job as a vape tank, but has both the coil and the oil in one integrated sealed unit.

Pods are easy to use – think of them as a “plug and play” type of vape, and they are also sleeker and more compact than alternative vaping devices.

CCELL vape pods deliver a smoother experience

One particular type of vape pod that has been trending in the US market over the past couple of years combines the pod style with the technology of a ceramic wick. Known as the CCELL, it operates by heating the vape oil within the cartridge more evenly and to a higher temperature, causing it to vaporize for smoother inhalation.

By using a ceramic wick instead of traditional cotton material, it can achieve more even heat distribution and better performance. CCELL pods are particularly popular in the US for vaping concentrates like distillate. Hamilton Devices provides CCELL vape pods direct to market and is also a CCELL wholesale supplier to third party sellers and drop shippers.

Pods appeal to the new generation of vapers

The vaping market is changing before our eyes. A decade ago, vapes were seen as a crutch to help people away from more harmful habits. Today, more people are vaping for vaping’s sake without preconceptions and are far more attentive to the quality of the vaping experience. Vape pods certainly check that box, especially when they feature CCELL technology.

But pods also achieve style, as well as substance. The product developers have really gone to town designing products that are stylish. The result? People treat their vapes as accessories, a little like Audrey Hepburn did with her foot-long quellazaires in the 1950s!

Benefits of vape pods

Vape pods deliver several benefits over other types of vaping device:

  • Convenience – pod vapes have zero maintenance requirements and are easy to use.
  • Performance – a pod-style vape delivers a more even hit, especially when combined with a CCELL wick, with no burning.
  • No leaks – let’s caveat that, any vape product might leak if it is damaged or faulty. But a vape pod is much less likely to leak in your pocket than other vapes.

Ideal for new and experienced vapers alike

Vape pods were devised to meet the needs of both new and seasoned vape users. Vaping novices enjoy them because they are so uncomplicated and easy to use, with no complicated maintenance instructions.

More experienced vapers are usually quick to convert and rarely look back after trying a modern pod vape. Like novices, they also appreciate the convenience, but they also notice the superior performance and smoother delivery compared with other type of vape they have tried.

Meeting the vaping demands of the 2020s

Around 17 million people in the US regularly vape. It is easy to forget that vaping is still a relatively new activity, and just 20 years ago, it was unheard of. In that context, it is no surprise that vaping technology and vaping habits are still evolving with every passing year.

Pod vapes are the latest stage in that evolution, and if the market research mentioned earlier is anything to go by, they will certainly be around for a while yet.

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