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How to Save Time and Money on Moving to the New Place



How to Save Time and Money on Moving to the New Place

Every time you need to move, the first thing you think of is how to organize it and how much it will cost. The main idea is that there are still a ton of pitfalls making you spend money and time. So let’s explore what moving and storage NYC service you can use to minimize the expenses, and what you can do to make your moving process the most comfortable and fast.


How to save time?

First, you should think about the actions sequence you need to do to make your move less stressful and more organized. The principle idea to follow is thinking in advance. It touches upon things you can suppose and organize before the movers’ service involvement.

What to think and do in advance:

  • maintenance – to avoid future problems after you have moved, use the chance to maintain all the sanitary, gas, electric, and water facilities;
  • check the documents – the validity, availability, legality, and pay particular attention to the Certificate of Insurance a moving service should possess (your building management company can require it to grant access to the premises);
  • get a vision – reflect on how you see the moving process, write the necessary steps on the paper, and think about their sequence;
  • check the prices – request a quote from three different companies to compare the range of services and the fees, and ask for additional information about the items that need special conditions for transporting and storage (if you have any);
  • furniture – what should be deconstructed, what is to be moved with the things inside; what you can use for packing other items of your interior, etc;
  • food – every piece of food should be used or recycled before you move.

These points are not the limit, so add whatever you want or need, but don’t try to plan everything by the minute. The more flexible your plan is, the better your moving process will be.

How to save money?

The question of saving money is not easy, and not all things you can envisage by yourself. A lot depends on the moving company you choose, so you should select carefully. But still, what you can save money on:

  • Package – it’s not obligatory to buy wrappings or boxes. Use things you have in your house, ask your relatives and friends for boxes and wrappings, use big fabric pieces (linen, maybe curtains) to wrap fragile items, and so on.
  • Additional services – don’t use them if you don’t need them. The salesperson has to sell, so consider what exactly you’ll need in advance, and don’t use imposed services.

To use your money and time the most efficiently you need a plan. Moving is never simple as there are plenty of things to consider. Involve your family or ask your best friend for help, as two heads are better than one.


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