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History and Fun Facts about Hatton Garden, London



History and Fun Facts about Hatton Garden, London

London is a place that is known to be the home to some of the most incredible places in the world. These places include some great historical places, eating outlets and shopping destinations. Among the major shopping destinations in London is Hatton Garden Street which is one of the oldest places for shopping in London. It is a place which attracts over 1 million people every year, locals and tourists alike.

If you ever want to shop for jewellery, particularly diamond jewellery, then most of the locals in London will direct you to the Hatton Garden Street and for good reason. Hatton Garden Street was the centre of diamond trade in London in the past and today it is the hub of diamond jewellery in London. Located in the Holborn district of the London Borough of Camden, Hatton Garden is a place that will not leave you disappointed.

The sheer variety, when it comes to jewellery made of natural diamonds and lab diamonds UK, that you find at the Hatton Garden Jewellers is unmatched by any other place. This place also has an interesting history associated with it. Let’s have a look at some of the most interesting historical fun facts about the Hatton Garden Street.

  • The Hatton Garden Street was named after Sir Christopher Hatton. He was a favourite of Queen Elizabeth I who gifted him the land in Hatton Garden where he built a mansion that remained in the possession of his family for a few decades. However, during the reign of King Charle’s II, this area was redeveloped into a lavish residential place. The area of Hatton Garden had a lot of trees and greenery around, and hence the word Garden was added to its name.
  • The first prototype of the machine gun was first invented in Hatton Garden. Sir Hiram Maxim had a small factory in Hatton Garden in 1881. It is here that he worked, invented and produced the Maxim Gun that was a prototype of the machine gun and was capable of firing 666 round in a minute.
  • The streets of Hatton Garden have an association with the famous author Charles Dickens. Hatton Garden was used as a backdrop for one of his famous novels Oliver Twist. It is said that the author derived inspiration from the everyday life in the Hatton Garden Street to write this novel.
  • Today, Hatton Garden is home to nearly 300 businesses, 55 of which are jewellery retailers. Over time, many other businesses apart from jewellery have been established and flourished in these years. The place has become almost like a one stop shopping destination for all your shopping needs along with several entertainment avenues to keep the customers happy.
  • The first Hatton Garden retail store was opened in the year of 1962 by Lawrence Graff. He opened this shop after working as an apprentice in a jeweller’s workshop. Since then, many other jewellery shops have sprung up making Hatton Garden the jewellery quarter that is famous for its diamond wedding rings hatton garden.


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