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5 Things You Should Know About the Famous Foxy Eyes Trend



5 Things You Should Know About the Famous Foxy Eyes Trend

Currently, the scope of eye treatment and surgery has expanded beyond addressing common concerns, such as drooping eyelids, excess skin, or irregular eye structures. It has evolved into a transformative tool for achieving aesthetic excellence.

Individuals seeking the allure of sharp and captivating eyes, reminiscent of the popular Foxy Eyes trend, now have access to specialized eyelid techniques tailored to their unique preferences.

This not only includes surgical interventions but also introduces a non-surgical alternative – the Foxy Eyes thread lift, gaining increasing popularity. To demystify the process and explore its advantages, Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic invites everyone to delve into the details before making decisions.

1. Characteristics of Foxy Eyes Procedure

Foxy Eyes Procedure refers to an eye aesthetic characterized by an uplifted appearance at the outer corners, reminiscent of a fox’s eyes. This distinctive look imparts a sharper and brighter quality to the face, addressing concerns related to drooping, sleepy, or sad eyes.

The Foxy Eyes Procedure specifically targets the outer corners of the eyes and eyebrows, enhancing their definition to achieve the desired sharp and elevated effect.

2. Who is fit for the Foxy Eyes Procedure?

The Foxy Eyes procedure is an ideal option for individuals seeking a more defined facial appearance. Beyond its role as a beauty trend, this procedure can address issues related to dull-looking eyes, instilling greater confidence in the individual and enhancing overall facial aesthetics. Now let’s see what types of people that fit Foxy Eyes procedures.

  • Well-suited for individuals experiencing issues with drooping or sagging eyelids.
  • Ideal for those dealing with wrinkles around the corners of the eyes.
  • A great option for individuals with eyes that convey a sad or sleepy appearance.
  • Perfect for those seeking facial adjustments to achieve a sharper and more defined look.

3. Benefits of the Foxy Eyes Procedure

For those seeking a captivating gaze, the Foxy Eyes Procedure stands out as a remarkable solution. This transformative approach addresses a range of concerns, from drooping eyelids to lackluster eye dimensions.

As we delve into the advantages of the Foxy Eyes Procedure, you’ll discover how it goes beyond mere aesthetics, offering a pathway to renewed self-assurance and a captivating gaze that reflects the beauty within as follows:

1. Remedying Droopy Eyelids

Effectively addresses the issue of drooping eyelids, ensuring a balanced and lifted appearance.

2. Eliminating Excess Tissue

Resolves the accumulation of excess tissue around the corners of the eyes, contributing to a more refined and refreshed look.

3. Enhancing Aesthetic Appearance

Transforms the eyes, rendering them beautiful and distinctive, ultimately boosting confidence.

4. Adjusting Eye Shape

Tailors the shape of the eyes for a slimmer and more defined contour, correcting short, dull, or dimension-lacking eye shapes.

5. Improving Facial Harmony

Contributes to an overall improvement in physiognomy by enhancing the aesthetic balance of the face through the beauty of the eyes.

4. Explore the Foxy Eyes Procedures

Does Foxy Eyes treatment last for a long time? Normally, many types of Foxy Eyes procedures provide both permanent and temporary results depending on what types of procedures.

Non-Surgery, Foxy Eyes Tread Lifting

Foxy Eyes Tread Lifting is a technique where dissolving threads are inserted under the skin above the corner of the eye. The silk has hooks to hold the skin up. Stimulates collagen and elastin under the skin.

This helps lift and tighten the skin as well as solves the sagging skin problem, droopy and sad eyes issue, and wrinkles around the eyes’ corners. This procedure makes the corners of the eyes look lifted and sharper, with results lasting for 6 months – 2 years.

Foxy Eyes Eye Thread Lifting Benefits:

  • Beautiful, sharp eyelids without surgery
  • No pain and wound.
  • Immediate results after the procedure.
  • Tighter skin around the eyes.
  • Improve the face physiognomy
  • The face looks younger.

Foxy Eyes Surgery

  • Expert Epicanthoplasty – การเปิดหัวตา

Expert Epicanthoplasty is a double eyelid surgery with eyelid and excess fat decorated with New Lovely Microlaser, a surgical technology that reduces blood loss, swelling, bruising, and recovery time. Then the eyelid is sewn with De Roung eyelid sutures technique that is specialized produced by Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic to help and make the eyelid clear. There is no excess fat or eyelid which helps the eyes’ corners look naturally lifted.

  • Extensional Lateral Canthoplasty – การเปิดหางตา

Extensional lateral Canthoplasty is surgery to lengthen the outer corner of the eye. The outer corner of the eye can be opened to a maximum length of 3-9 millimeters, helping to make the eyes slimmer and more proportional. This procedure prevents complications from opening the eyes’ corners and is suitable for people who want to correct the shape of eyes that appear short, dull, small and misshapen.

  • Sub-Brow Lift – ยกหางตาซ่อนแผลใต้คิ้ว

The Sub-Brow Lift is a surgical procedure crafted to remove the drooping eyelid at the corner of the eye. Its primary goal is to achieve a naturally elevated appearance in the eye corners, creating aesthetically pleasing proportions.

The incision is strategically placed along the lower edge of the eyebrow, ensuring a seamless and inconspicuous wound. This meticulous approach not only renders the incision virtually invisible but also accentuates the eyes, imparting a more youthful and rejuvenated look.

5. Self-care after treatment for quick recovery

Concerns about significant swelling and bruising after Foxy Eyes treatment and surgery are common among many individuals.

However, with specialized techniques employed by ophthalmologists during the procedure, the occurrence of swelling and bruising is minimized, allowing patients to resume their daily lives without extended downtime.

It is crucial to prioritize self-care, following prescribed medication regimens, and proper wound cleaning as advised by doctors. A balanced and nutritious diet further supports a quicker and smoother recovery process.

While Foxy Eyes can impart a sleek and youthful appearance to the face, it’s essential to recognize that this treatment and surgical option may not be suitable for everyone.

Achieving beautiful eyes requires a thoughtful consideration of the unique facial structures and individual characteristics. Therefore, consulting with a doctor and seeking personalized advice is paramount to determine the most appropriate treatment strategy for optimal results. Visit Lovely Eyes & Skin Clinic for more information.

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