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5 Reasons You Should Buy Solar Water Heater Panels

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5 Reasons You Should Buy Solar Water Heater Panels

Whether camping, going cross-country or living off-grid for a while, there are many reasons why Solar Water Heater Panels might be an excellent option for you.

As energy prices rise, environmental concerns abound, and an interest in energy independence grows, solar power looks like a better option for many.

Let’s look into these devices and why they might be an excellent choice for you.

Solar Water Heater Panels

So what are these heaters, and how do they work? These solar-powered units can allow you to heat water in your RV or camper without relying on electricity from a battery, from the grid, or from a neighbor while traveling.

These units use solar panels that fit into the top of your vehicle to power a small water heating unit that works with your existing water supply system in your camper.

You’ll get free electricity to supply this integral unit in your RV.

There’s nothing worse than running out of hot water on a camping trip, and these solar-powered units can keep your water toasty and enjoyable even when you’re miles from an electric plug point.

Let’s look at these units’ benefits and see what they offer.

They’re Easy to Install

These solar water heating panels have the apparent benefit of being easy for a single person to set up and install.

Most of us are not trained or licensed electricians, yet these solar water heating units come with everything you need to set up, mount, connect, and power up your water heater using solar energy.

For example, the Healiatos RV Solar Water Heater Kit comes with everything a customer will need to safely and effectively install the unit to their existing water heater, allowing them to get hot water independent of a generator.

It also includes detailed instructions on setting up and safely installing the entire system from beginning to end.

This ease of installation can save you time, energy, and money as you won’t need to call in an expert to help you set this system up.

It’s simple and includes all components, mounting brackets, screws, and equipment required to get your RV’s water heating system solar powered in minimal time.

Grid Independence

Another great reason to go for one of these units is that you’ll be less dependent on the power grid to help you with your hot water needs when on the road.

Power may be in short supply when traveling long distances or in emergencies.

The more essential functions of your camper or RV can be powered by the sun, the less reliant on the grid you’ll be.

This can be a huge plus during weather emergencies which can knock out power lines and can keep you on the road longer, and enjoying the great outdoors.

In a regional power emergency, you’ll still have the comfort and convenience of hot water and won’t have to travel long from your campsite to stay comfortable.

You’ll stay safer, too, and can relax instead of hunting for fuel or a battery pack.

Cleaner Energy

Another benefit of solar water heater panels is that they’re better for the environment than gas-powered generators, which are also often used to supply power while camping.

These solar units are silent, clean, emits no harmful fumes, and leave the natural world around you less affected by your presence as you camp and travel.

They fit harmlessly on the top of your RV. So long as the sun shines, you can collect solar energy.

Installing solar energy water heater panels can be a significant step in that direction for those seeking to break away from gasoline as they power their motor home.

You’ll have hot water ready using only the sun and make fewer trips to the gas station.

Your RV will run just a bit greener, and you can enjoy the great outdoors while feeling good about your vehicle simultaneously.


Another great feature of these solar water heater panels is that you can take them anywhere.

They install onto the roof of your RV and can be driven wherever you may travel to.

There’s no need to store them and set them up every time you park or disembark, as they function as a regular and permanent part of your RV or camper.

For example, the Heliatos RV Freeze Protected System offers an entire closed-loop heat exchange system for your vehicle and fits within and on top of your RV.

The solar panels simply mount onto the top of your vehicle and are robust and well-built enough to endure being driven down the road at highway speeds.

This portability ensures that your solar system goes with you whenever you travel and can function as a fully integrated part of your vehicle.

This saves you time on set-up and gives you a worry-free source of heat for your water system, no matter where you may be.


While the price ranges of these systems vary, they are reasonably priced and can save you quite a bit of money in the long run.

Many systems retail for under $1,000 and can save you on energy costs, fuel costs, and maintenance over the life of your RV.

With their ease of installation, you can also save on the cost of labor to install these units and have your own solar water heater panels up and running in your vehicle in just one day.

With the price of both gasoline and electricity skyrocketing in many places, saving money any way you can is intelligent and practical.

Installing solar water heater panels on your camper or RV will ensure that your water is hot no matter how expensive fuel or wattage may become.


As you can see, there are several reasons to add a solar water heating panel system to your camper.

They’re easy to install and set up, work on their own to generate power from the sun, reduce your reliance on the grid, are better for the environment, and can save you money in the long run, too.

They’re easy to take with you, are minimally intrusive, and can be installed daily.

There’s nothing to lose from being more energy independent, and these solar water heating units help you do that.

About the author:

Trevor James is the owner of Solar Paradise, a one-stop shop for Solar kits, portable power stations, portable solar panels, solar generators, solar charge controllers, inverters, solar air conditioners & portable solar fridge freezers.

Trevor built Solar Paradise to sell solar kits all over the USA. You can shop for the best solar kits at Solar Paradise.

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