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What Is an SDK? How It Helps Businesses Build Better Apps



What Is an SDK? How It Helps Businesses Build Better Apps

Every person related to the sphere of technology has heard the notion of SDK at least once during their work practice.

But do all of them fully realize what SDK is? Let’s shed some light on this mysterious term together.

SDK: What Is It?

SDK is the acronym for software development kit. This can be compared to a virtual toolbox. Basically, SDK is a set of ready-made tools which developers can use to create an app.

Simply put, imagine you have to buy, grow, and feed a hen and a cow every time you need eggs and milk to make an omelet.

We believe that you are more likely to go and buy ready-made eggs and milk to prepare your breakfast much quicker.

In this case, eggs, milk, oil, and a frying pan can be compared to SDK components.

Basic Components of SDK

1. Code Libraries

Code libraries consist of pieces of code that allow an app to properly function on the chosen platform.

2. Debugging Tools

Debuggers help developers find omissions and errors in their code at different stages of app building.

3. Documentation

Documentation incorporates tutorials and instructions which aim at helping developers during the whole creation process.

4. Visual Editors

With the help of visual editors, developers have the possibility to design and layout all the necessary graphical elements, e.g. text boxes, buttons, etc.

5. One or Several APIs

API stands for application programming interface. This tool is necessary to set up the process of data transmission between different services and programs. This way, an API enables communication between several applications.

Benefits of SDK

  • Saves time

There are numerous open-source SDKs available on the market, so developers don’t have to code every single step from scratch. As a result, this makes their work less tedious and time-consuming.

  • Speeds up integration

Ideally, an SDK should be integrated within 5-10 minutes. However, the time may change according to the SDK type.

For example, if you want to add some simple function, like online payments within your app, you can resort to all well-known and commonly used SDKs and integrate them in a matter of several minutes.

However, if you crave to move further and add something more complex (like AR or VR features), you will need AR software.

In this case, the integration period may become a bit longer. But still, the integration process should require no assistance and be easy to implement.

  • Easy to use and understand

Actually, you don’t need to be a Bachelor of computer science to create your own app nowadays.

Of course, you need to know programming languages, like Java, Python, C#, or SQL depending on the platform you are going to work with.

Plus, SDKs include all the documentation and sample codes within them.

So, you get access to the wisdom and knowledge of other developers, which will definitely make the acquaintance with the kit easier and more pleasant.

  • Reduces possible risks

If you use an SDK, you can see how it works in the apps that use the same development kit.

This way, you can get familiar with its interface and the way it works. In addition, mobile apps based on SDKs are not so subject to cyber attacks.

Also, if your app is built on an SDK, this shows that you are unlikely to be a fraud, so publishing platforms will be more confident in the safety of your app.

Why Choose Banuba SDK?

Banuba Development shares the best tools and off-the-shelf solutions to make the process of application development quicker and simpler.

If you are willing to create an app, the company will have your back covered.

Banuba’s main specialization is AR (augmented reality) and AI (artificial intelligence), which is one of the latest trends in the technological sphere. It offers everything necessary to add value to your app.

For example, their Video Editor SDK is a perfect choice if you want to add a video function to your app.

With this SDK, capturing an impressive video and its editing won’t be a problem at all.

You can fill your app or website with face AR masks, beauty effects, video effects, texts and GIFs, color filters (LUT), etc.

SDK is a cross-platform and will neither influence your device’s battery nor have an unfavorable impact on data consumption. Its detailed documentation and clear guides will turn the development process into an easy and adventurous journey around the SDK world.

Another Banuba’s product that is definitely worth mentioning is Web AR SDK. With its help, you can immerse your web browser’s users into the world of AR. It is compatible with Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

Also, this can be called a no-app AR experience, as you don’t have to install any app to work with the SDK. Plus, it is absolutely secure and collects no user data.

You simply integrate it to the front site of your web app.

Everything your users need is their web cameras. The main Web AR Features include face tracking, hair segmentation, background animation, and much more.

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