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What Are The Current Trends For Kitchen Worktops?



What Are The Current Trends For Kitchen Worktops

Kitchen Worktops are the essence of the kitchen. They not only beautify and complete the kitchen but also aid immensely as a workspace. Whether you’re doing everyday cooking or you’re going to whip up a feast, you’ll be using your Kitchen Worktops in Kent.

Choosing a kitchen worktop may very well be one of the most important decisions you have to make for your kitchen. Trends change with time, and there’s nothing you or I can do to stop it or even slow it down.

While it may not be necessary, it can definitely be fun to go along with the latest trends. Likewise, new kitchen trends in regard to material, colours, patterns and more have emerged in 2023.

These modern aesthetics are gorgeous, and you will want them in your kitchen right away. So let’s take a look at what this year’s kitchen worktop trends are.

Darker Tones

Minimalistic designs and lighter colours are now making way for darker tones in kitchen designs. This trend has impacted cabinets and worktops the most, while other areas are preferably lighter. While it is a trend, it is not without its benefits.

Darker colours can hide spills and stains so much better than lighter colours allowing you more leeway before you have to clean them up. Moreover, darker-coloured Kitchen Worktops will stand out from the rest of the kitchen and may become the focal point of the kitchen itself.

It can look striking and bold and absolutely gorgeous when paired with the right cabinets. Dark blue, black, and dark grey are all appropriate if you want to hop on this trend.

Patterned Worktops

If you’re done with the plain and simple white beige that’s been trending for a few years, now you will be happy. Patterned worktops like marble and granite are making a comeback. If that’s not enough, you can personalize your worktop and make them in a variety of patterns with quartz and laminate.

Moreover, patterned worktops go especially well if the rest of your kitchen designs are uncluttered and no-frills. It can uplift the entire space without much effort. Add a backsplash with the same pattern, and you will have yourself a smooth and elegant kitchen worktop.

Textured Neutrals

Moreover, smooth and glossy kitchen surfaces are out, and textures are in. It means you can finally enjoy your wooden worktop and cabinets without feeling old-fashioned.

Besides, with neutral tones, you can prioritize and add colours where you prefer without making it look overcrowded. Neutral Kitchen Worktops in Kent with neutral walls will give you more creative freedom with your cabinets and pantries.

Make a mix of white, brown and blue to have yourself a veritable country kitchen. Or you can go with whites and blues and textures to create a beach home kitchen wherever you live. Additionally, having the freedom to choose the shades you like without compromising on the overall look can be really freeing. You will enjoy your kitchen more with your personal touches in it!

Hidden Pantries

Further, storage has always been a problem in the kitchen. This is especially true if yours is a multi-cuisine kitchen. You will need space for the spices, different pots and pans and ingredients for all the different food that you cook. Additionally, utensils storage areas have been a letdown so far. Luckily, hidden pantries and storage systems are becoming largely popular and common.

It means finding sneaky gaps and spaces to insert storage areas in and leaving the rest of the kitchen free. A hidden pantry will leave your Best Kitchen Worktops free to show off their space. Moreover, a spacious kitchen is a dream; you can make it come true with hidden pantries.

Integrated Sockets & Connection Points

Your Kitchen Worktops in Kent can now charge your phone and power your blender. Well, not really, but it can with integrated sockets. Instead of leaving obvious and odd-looking sockets on the wall, they’re neatly melded into the worktop. With this, all the wiring in the kitchen will look so much neater, and not to mention all the sockets will be within reach.

Don’t worry about safety; they can be automatically popped back into the worktop. The sockets are designed in a pop-out model, and with a push, you get one or more sockets out to connect your devices. You can have them placed in any area of your worktop…though preferably not the sink.

Another design comes with a drawer socket, but this is more for your phone and other devices than for kitchen appliances. You can pull out a drawer, and its backboard will be fitted with sockets. It can be used to charge your phone, kitchen speakers and even connect your blender if needed.

Pull-Up Drawers & Storage

This is another way to maximize how we use storage spaces in our kitchens!

If you’ve ever just resorted to chopping garlic because it’s a hassle to pull out your food processor, then clean it and put it back in, this is a solution, especially for you.

A pull-up drawer looks much like a regular drawer or a shelf except that as you pull it open, it becomes level with your Kitchen Worktops in the UK. Your kitchen appliances can be placed on it simply pushed back in when you’re done using them. It not only saves space, but it is also a much more efficient use of storage space in the kitchen.

Another modern trend is to have roll-out drawers instead of cabinets. As you open the shelf, the entire base rolls out so you can easily pick and choose your utensils. No more reaching in and breaking your back looking for the spaghetti pot or the baking tray!

Final Thoughts

These Kitchen Worktops Kent trends are a great way to exercise creativity. No matter what the trends dictate, what matters is that you enjoy your kitchen and it is functional.

If you’re ready to revamp your kitchen worktop, Slabs & Stones Ltd has every material you can imagine.

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