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How Would I want to Enjoy JINRO Soju the Most?



How Would I want to Enjoy JINRO Soju the Most’

If you’ve ever wonder what’s your favorite season or favorite food to enjoy JINRO soju with, this quiz helps you find out how you would want to enjoy JINRO soju the most. Once you’ve chosen your answers, simply fill in the answers based on the phrase below.

Travel to [ ] in the [ ] while enjoying [ ] and [ ] with [ ] in the/at [ ].

1. Pick your favorite travel spot.

[A] New York [B] Paris [C] The Maldives [D] Seoul [E] Switzerland [F] Bali

2. Pick your favorite season.

[A] Spring [B] Summer [C] Autumn [D] Winter

3. Pick your favorite food.

[A] Korean BBQ [B] Fried Chicken [C] Tacos [D] Sushi [E] Steak [F] Pasta

4. Pick your favorite JINRO Soju Flavor.

[A] JINRO Fresh [B] JINRO Green Grape [C] JINRO Strawberry [D] JINRO Grapefruit [E] JINRO Plum [F] JINRO Peach

5. Pick your favorite K star.

[A] BTS Jeon Jung-kook [B] Song Joong-ki [C] Astro Cha Eun-woo [D] Hyunbin [E] Twice MOMO [F] IU

6. Pick your favorite time.

[A] Morning [B] Afternoon [C] Evening [D] Night

I am done answering the questions. Check my answers below and share yours in the comment section.

Travel to [Switzerland] in the [Winter] while enjoying [Korean BBQ] and [JINRO Fresh Soju] with [Song Joong-ki] in the [Evening].

Well, of course it’ll be romantic and nice to drink JINRO soju with Song Joong-ki in Switzerland. In the meantime, while fantasizing this, I am going to binge watch Song Joong-ki’s latest K-Drama and enjoy some JINRO Peach soju in my cozy home.

You can grab a bottle or two of JINRO Soju from various online stores like Lazada, Shopee. For more information, visit and follow JINRO Philippines on Facebook and Instagram.


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