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Five Misunderstandings about Cisco’s CCIE Certification



Five Misunderstandings about Cisco’s CCIE Certification

Because of its good reputation, Cisco’s CCIE certificate is regarded as the doctoral degree of network talents. CCIE certification is an expert level certification in Cisco certification system. To apply for this certification, network practitioners need to have three to five years of work experience related to Cisco network technology.

Because the CCIE certification exam is very difficult, there has been some misunderstandings about it. This article will clear away the following five major misconceptions.

Misunderstanding 1: It is impossible to pass CCIE lab exam.

Although many people often fail the lab exam at the first time, it is not an exam they can’t pass. Students who failed in the exam and gave up pursuing CCIE certification often have such a misunderstanding and tell it to others so it becomes widespread.

There is no doubt that candidates need to have adequate preparation in order to pass CCIE certification. You must set up a study plan, participate in scientific training, adopt useful exam strategies, and effectively manage your time.

Misunderstanding 2: The CCIE certificate has no value.

This is nonsense. Although there are many professionals who have obtained CCIE certificate, this does not reduce the value of CCIE certificate. In fact, its value has increased. Imagine that if you pass CCIE Routing and Switching certification, you will have the titles of senior network engineer, network architect, solution architect, senior system engineer and manager at the same time.

You must recognize the importance of such titles as “senior” and “manager”. Another indicator that can prove the value of CCIE certificate is your salary. If you get the certificate, you can get a higher salary in the IT market.

According to, an employee holding CCIE Routing and Switching certificate can earn between 60,048 and 168,860 US dollars per year, depending on his / her experience.

Misunderstanding 3: You must master all the contents of CCIE certification to pass it.

There is no universally applicable method to pass CCIE certification. The saying “there is only one best way” is not right. Everyone’s learning methods are different. Students may prefer to use textbooks while others may like to watch training videos, or a combination of the two. It is advised that each student determines the most suitable learning method for himself / herself.

Tips from senior experts: It is strongly recommended that all learners who want to pass the CCIE certification practice as much as possible in order to gain more experience. So don’t be afraid of the laboratory. You can use Cisco VIEL and other network simulation platforms to learn.

Misunderstanding 4: Invigilators treat candidates unfairly.

This is another rumor spread by those who fail the exam. In case of equipment failure, careful invigilation can help candidates and prevent cheating in the exam. There is no fraud that destroys the whole certification process.

Misunderstanding 5: There is no private life if you want to apply for CCIE certification.

Ordinary people must have perseverance and spend 500 to 700 hours practicing in the laboratory. Only those who have a strong desire to pass the CCIE certification exam must stick to learning, it does not prevent them from spending time with their family and friends.

It is very important to make a suitable schedule which should include time to reach training goals and reward yourself, such as watching movies or going to cyber cafes. cisco dumps

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