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5 Advantages Of Technology Available To Students In Enhancing Their Learning Process



5 Advantages Of Technology Available To Students In Enhancing Their Learning Process

Student learning process has witnessed a dramatic change because of advancement in the field of technology. Assignment help Australia experts suggests that technology has revolutionised the ways in which students engage with each other and teachers, and it has provided significant opportunities in the students’ overall learning process. 5 important advantages of technology as available to student in their learning process are discussed as follows:

1) Easy accessibility to information: This is one of the most significant advantages of technology available to students as suggested by assignment helpers in Malaysia. With the application of the internet, students get access to vast amount of information and educational resources. They have the opportunity to explore different topics, perform research work, and keep themselves updated with the latest information, and all this is possible because of technology.

2) Personalised learning: Personalised learning is all about providing learning opportunities to students specific to their individual needs. It involves customising the lecture notes as per the individual requirement of each student. This is all possible because the adaptive learning feature of technology allows lecturers to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their student, and they can therefore provide personalised feedback in order to improve the area of weakness within their student. The ultimate result is enhanced student performance and development because of emphasising on their weak areas.

3) Better communication opportunity: This is another important advantage available to students in enhancing the learning process from using technology. Technology allows students to collaborate with each other and also with teachers using digital platforms such as video conferencing, online discussion boards, etc. As a result, students get the opportunity to share ideas, work together with their friends and teachers on projects, and also receive feedback from the teachers. It ultimately benefits them in terms of enhanced critical thinking ability and problem solving skills which further contributes towards their improved learning process.

4) Increased engagement opportunities: Technology provides opportunity in the form of gamified learning experiences that further assist in terms of higher student engagement. The application of educational apps, interactive educational software and online quizzes provide significant opportunities to students to engage with each other and also help in enhancing their learning process. Technology therefore makes learning a fun process for students through enhanced engagement with their peers.

5) Distance learning opportunities: According to Singaporean writing experts. distance learning opportunities are available all because of technology. The rule of distance learning is massive as experienced by entire world recently due to covid. The entire learning platform was shifted to online mode because physical accessibility was restricted due to Covid norms. Technology allowed for conducting online classes through video conferencing apps such as Zoom, Google Meet etc, and students from everywhere actively participated in the online classes conducted by their schools and universities.

It is evaluated that technology has a major role to play in the overall learning process of students. It facilitates them with a massive platform to communicate, engage, interact and thereby improves their ability to understand things in a better way.

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