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Credit Card Woes: Case of A Rejected Application



Credit Card Woes Case of A Rejected Application

A credit card is a financial tool with a pre-approved limit that can be used to purchase anything from online and offline merchants. With multiple options available in the financial market, applying for a credit card is incredibly simple.

However, lenders issuing the card examine specific parameters before approving your application. Hence, not all credit card applications are immediately approved.

Do you have a good credit history? Do you pay your credit card bills on time? Is your credit card application still getting rejected?

Here are a few potential explanations why your Credit Card application might be getting rejected.

Low Credit Score

Your credit score is one of the crucial factors taken into account when you submit a credit card application. A low credit score will highlight your poor debt management.

A credit score of 750+ can help the lender see you as a reliable borrower and improve your chances of being approved.

No Credit History

A lack of credit history makes it challenging for the credit card issuer to gauge your debt-management capability. Applying for a loan is good if you want to build your credit history. After establishing your credit file, you can apply for an instant credit card that you are eligible for.

Insufficient Income

The credit card company will evaluate your repayment capacity before approving your application.

You must provide documents like salary slips, IT returns, etc., to prove you have sufficient income. Your application may be allowed if you meet the lender’s required income standards.

Unstable Employment History

Your credit card application may be rejected if you frequently switch jobs or have gone without pay for extended periods. Make sure to wait to apply for a credit card until you have worked at a specific company for a few years.

Mistakes On Your Application Form

It is advisable to double-check the information before submitting the credit card application form. Any error, however small, can lead to rejection during background verification.

Owning Multiple Credit Cards

The likelihood of your application getting rejected is high if you have a low debt-to-income ratio due to having multiple credit cards. Lenders avoid borrowers who frequently change cards or transfer their credit card balance.

Applying For Multiple Credit Cards at Once

Applying for too many credit cards at once could mean financial problems or taking on too much debt. The lender may see this as a sign of unreliability and turn down your application.

Late Payments

A credit report includes the complete history of your loans and credit cards. The issuer might not approve your application if there are default payments or evidence that you pay your credit card bills after the due date.

Final Thoughts

The credit card providers do not disclose the reason for rejecting an application. It is essential to read the terms and conditions to understand better how to apply for credit card and raise your chances of approval.

Additionally, improving your credit score may make you appear more creditworthy and boost your chances of approval.

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