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Why Is It Worth Reading to a Child?

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Parents have a lot of work to do when it comes to raising responsible kids. They have to create time for children after coming home from work. With regards to education success, kids need your help every day. Failure to participate in your child’s school work and progress is like gambling with their future. Gamblers can enjoy the bonus no deposit, but parents cannot risk their kids’ future by being absent in their school lives. Even if you come home late every day, there is a simple activity you can do to help your kids read better. You can read a storybook or novel to a kid before bed. The following are the advantages of reading to your children.

You can support their cognitive development

The ability to think and comprehend things is a thought process that requires support. To help a child solve problems, decide on things, and have a sharp memory, you can read a book to them. Reading to a kid does not only make them happy, but it also improves their cognitive development. After a long period of reading to them loudly, you might note that their reasoning, attention span, memory, and intelligence have improved. Kids can also become aware of their surroundings based on what they see, hear, speak, and read. Besides, the more you read to them the more they learn new vocabularies.

Better language skills

One of the best ways to boost your language skills is to read a book often. A young child can benefit in the same way when you read to them every day or every other night. By language skills, we mean communication, social, and literacy skills. Reading activates the brain part that enables children to comprehend the meaning of language. Children who get an early introduction to reading make better readers by the time they are in third grade. Those who do not start early take longer to gain vital language skills. Besides, when you read, you introduce a child to the book language. This is different from the language they hear every day as it is more descriptive.

They can excel in school life

Early reading introduces kids to new words and it also enhances their ability to listen. Again, reading with them is a form of communication between the two of you. In their actual academic life, they will benefit from having crucial skills like communication, listening, and reasoning. Preschool reading enables a child to have phonemic awareness. Thus, they can listen, identify, and play with separate sounds when someone speaks.

Additionally, such kids will have gained a phonic skill that allows them to connect letters of written content with sounds of a verbal language. Besides, they will have gained enough vocabulary to enable them to speak efficiently. They will also be fluent when they read a text and will catch the meaning of words when reading a comprehension. As school-going toddlers, your kids will not use all these skills. They will need them later on when they reach upper grades.


As you can see, reading to a young kid often every week is a valuable thing to do. Besides helping them become aware of their small world, reading can boost your kids’ language skills and cognitive skills. It can ensure that they do not struggle with their academics later on.


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