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How Can Bright Pattern Help Your Business?



How Can Bright Pattern Help Your Business?

Business requires powerful solutions. Small businesses have come to dominate the corporate landscape in the United States, and as a result, many entrepreneurs have had to learn how to power their brand expansion efforts on the fly.

Unlike the industrial titans of the world, small businesses often fail to realize the importance of third-party integrations early on in their story arc. As a result, organic growth can often become stymied as upward mobility begins to stall. This is, of course, only an issue until the savvy entrepreneurs who run these brands realize the tools necessary to continuously improve their branding and customer service functions (among many other elements of the business cycle).

One area in which small businesses and larger enterprises share a commonality is in the use of calling centre solutions. Bright Pattern is a powerful option for business managers who are looking to make a statement in their customer service implementations. Many brands may not have heard of Bright Pattern before, but this is simply a function of the lagging call centre software industry as a whole.

While you might not spend a lot of time thinking about the plugins that make your contact centre move, Bright Pattern has been perfecting the industry for more than 25 years. For those wanting to make a dramatic change for the better, switching to this industrial titan for your contact centre needs is perhaps the most important and impactful thing you can do for your business.

Bright Pattern cuts the cord on bulky, expensive contact centre hardware

One area in which this brand excels is in its cloud-based software approach to this all-important aspect of good business. Quality management of the customer service processes is a key aspect of great brand power, and with cloud-based calling solutions, you can focus directly on the customer rather than on the maintenance of an ageing call centre infrastructure that demands rigid conformity to a blueprint that simply doesn’t work for the modern world.

Many older call centre solutions require a central hub and physically interconnected nodes that must be located within the same office space. This makes for a stuffy, cubicle-filled workspace that isn’t conducive to creativity and finesse. This is the stuff that makes for great CSRs, and yet the digital infrastructure plays at just the opposite. For brands that are looking to make a change, cloud-based solutions provide the foundation of a more agile and dynamic workforce that is ready to handle anything that consumers can throw at them.

How Can Bright Pattern Help Your Business

In the age of pandemic measures, cloud-based approaches offer enhanced uptime and job security.

Another space in which cloud infrastructure in the calling environment rises above the competition is in consideration of the current coronavirus pandemic. In the present era, many CSRs are concerned for their health and safety, and the ability to log in from a networked device (a laptop, home computer, or some other device) gives your office staff the flexibility to continue working from home, no matter what’s going on in the world around them.

This is great for staff that are experiencing a wave of infections, or for brands that simply want to send their workforces home while maintaining the connectivity and accessibility that they are known for among clients.

Having the ability to work from home allows for greater satisfaction and peace of mind among your staff while also providing the consumers and clients on the other end of the phone with a great experience during each interaction with your brand’s representatives.

With Bright Pattern calling software, the future is truly upon us in the world of customer contact.


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