What To Prepare When Moving To Australia With Your Partner
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What to Prepare When Moving to Australia With Your Partner



What to Prepare When Moving to Australia With Your Partner

We know that Thailand is one of the popular retirement destinations for Australian. As an Australian, you probably don’t think too much about traveling back and forth to your country, but if you are preparing to move with your partner who isn’t from Australia. This is a big move, and it is going to take some work, but if you prepare, things should work out.

1.  Make a List when moving to Australia

You both should make a list of things you expect from each other after this move. Doing this helps people understand each other a little better, and that’s going to be vital when you make this big change in your lives. Have your partner write down the things he or she is going to miss back home. Having a clear picture of what will be missed should help you both find ways to make up for those things.

2.  Establishing Connections

Your partner is going to be leaving behind a lot. Do your best to not minimize that and help your partner establish new connections with everyone left behind. Be sure you have the equipment your partner will need to have video calls with family or friends. Keeping up with people who will be left behind takes a little getting used to, but help your partner make a habit out of it and you’ll be happier for it.

3.  Legal Assistance

The partner visa process in Australia is complex, and this is something you are going to have to deal with. Be sure to hire an experienced Australian family lawyer (checkout Streeterlaw for instance)  to help your partner because he or she will need help handling Australia’s visa process. Some people try to do this without the help of an experienced solicitor but make mistakes that cause delays or costly issues. You are already dealing with a lot because of this move. You don’t need additional obstacles that could be easily taken care of with the help of family law specialists.

4.  You and Your Partner Immerse Yourselves

It is only natural to feel like locking yourself away from the world when you move to a new place. As an Australian, you have established roots here, but your partner has not done this, which could make it hard to get used to new surroundings. Even if your beloved doesn’t want to go out much, it’s good to do so. Try to have your partner connect to the new surroundings. Introduce your loved one to other people, and allow your partner to make a personal connection to Australia. A home is more than a physical location as an emotional connection is involved too.

5.  Look for Work

Some folks can start work pretty quickly while others cannot. If your partner can start working as soon as he or she gets to Australia, then make that a priority. If not, it is okay to let your partner volunteer or allow your partner to help around the house until the right documentation arrives. You are a good person, but taking care of everything on your own can weigh you down if you see your partner isn’t at least trying to work. Tackling this head-on reduces the chances of things becoming a problem.

6.  Get Healthcare

Depending on where your partner is coming from, he or she won’t have access to Australia’s healthcare. This is something Australians don’t think about because they get free health care, but people who are not citizens won’t have access to this care. You must do something about this. For example, you can have your partner get private healthcare until public health care is available. It is going to be a little pricey, but hopefully, this is something your partner won’t have to do for too long. If you or your partner has a disability or special needs, check the NDIS website on how to qualify. To make everything easier, you may seek the help of an NDIS plan management team.

These are some things you can do with your partner before moving to Australia. No one is saying this move is going to be perfect, but at least you’ll be reducing potential challenges.


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