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New Zealand Expat Timothy Ward Talks about Steroids



Tim Ward ... he uses steroids but warns young people against chasing an image that is out of reach. Photo: Anthony Johnson


CHIANGRAI TIMES –Tim Ward in Pattaya has become an online social media celebrity among amateur bodybuilders, boasting more than 30,000 followers. Now living in the Thai beach resort of Pattaya, he openly admits to being a full-time steroid user.

”I take testosterone, I take Deca [a popular, slow-bulking, synthetic steroid] for my joints and muscle tears and I take human growth hormones, which is phenomenal in that it gives me enormous energy and makes me so much more alert.”

Tim Ward in Pattaya. Photo: Anthony Johnson

Sharky is a man of contrasts. In March he made international headlines after stabbing a Canadian tourist on Pattaya beach. He says he was defending a friend. Then, a fortnight ago, Thai police formally approached him, as a respected local identity, to help them track pedophiles who prey on the town’s children.

Sharky has an opinion on most subjects – and when it comes to the young bodybuilders who frequent his town for steroids, he pulls no punches: ”I don’t do it to stand in front of a mirror, rub myself in fake tan and win plastic trophies,” he tells The Sun-Herald. ”I do it because it makes me feel good, and who’s business is it to say I shouldn’t? Look at all the damage done by alcohol and tobacco. They cause far more destruction to people’s lives.”

But of the young people who use steroids, he says: ”If you’re chasing an image that’s always slightly out of reach when you’re 20, how are you going to cope in your 50s? Worse still, imagine how you’re going to look.”

Sharky was an associate – and fan – of Aziz ”Zyzz” Shavershian, Australia’s No.1 bodybuilding pin-up who, at 22, suffered a fatal heart attack while holidaying in Bangkok last year. Sharky reveals that in the days before Zyzz’s death, he had asked him outright: ”What steroids are you taking in Bangkok?”

Zyzz had replied: ”Everything.”

”That’s when I warned him, ‘Slow down, man’. He was about to come to Pattaya and hang out with me. I had planned to talk with him some more once he’d arrived. But he never made it. Suddenly I was getting messages from friends and fans of his, telling me he’s dead.”

Sharky describes Zyzz as ”an awesome guy and a lovely young man”.

”He was idolized around the world. He was destined for Hollywood, but the truth is, he was too young and he pushed himself too hard.”

New Zealand Expat Timothy Ward Arrested for Stabbing Canadian Teacher

Timothy John Ward, 47, is believed to have stabbed Shaun Ohonny, 43, on a South Pattaya beach, Pattaya Daily News reported.

Ward is also known as Tim Sharky and posted on his Facebook profile provided his version of events. Read more….

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