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What Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) do for a Small Scale Company

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What Computerized Maintenance Management Software Do For Small Scale Company

As a computerized maintenance software manager, you have to meet many specific requirements like handling a maintenance team, understanding the key performance indicators for scheduling maintenance, and delegating work.

In fact, the maintenance manager job description also entails you to save important documents for future reference and create work orders, inventory, and procurement costs.

What Is CMMS Software?

A Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) helps you plan, monitor, measure, and optimize your orders, inventory, and assets on a digital platform.

It improves your maintenance team’s overall efficiency and allows your management team to make more informed decisions.

What Computerized Maintenance Management Software Do For Small Scale Company

CMMS software automates several tasks for your company, thus saving your company plenty of time and money. You can also set alerts for scheduled preventive maintenance of equipment in your facility.

As a small-scale company, your budget should mainly focus on future investments rather than current operations. Planned and preventive maintenance management saves a lot of money in the long term.

Benefits Of Using CMMS Software For A Small Company

Large scale companies have already realized the importance of automation of maintenance management, but this tends not to be the case for several small scale companies.

They still turn to the traditional spreadsheets method to manage their maintenance, mainly because they do not realize the benefits of CMMS.

If you’re in two minds about integrating CMMS with your operations, read on to know how it can be beneficial for your small-scale company.

Manage Workflow

CMMS helps manage workflow more efficiently, with better planned and predictive maintenance information. It allows you to schedule, assign, and close work orders seamlessly.

Unlike having multiple workbook sheets, CMMS allows storing all the relevant information in one place. The maintenance team will quickly be notified of any tasks assigned to them.

CMMS also allows for easy monitoring of all the work orders. This will automatically eliminate the need to track down maintenance personnel for updates, allowing them to focus on their work without being interrupted.

Enhances Safety

CMMS increases safety against error and reduces downtime. It is programmed to prevent major malfunctions and identify errors so that they can be addressed immediately.

A simple mistake can cause downtimes, which will affect not only the company’s revenue but also its reputation. While mistakes are common in paper-based maintenance methods, CMMS can easily detect wrong inputs.

It might even take months to detect errors if you’re checking manually. But CMMS will inform users about the incorrect information in a matter of seconds.

By safeguarding against human errors and more planned and preventive maintenance via CMMS, a company’s downtime can be minimized greatly.

Makes Information Readily Accessible

CMMS can be accessed on any platform, be it a computer, smartphone, or tablet. It connects to cloud storage, thus allowing its users to access real-time information at any time, from anywhere.

It will enable the company to instantly update software maintenance records and provide a detailed guide for a designated task, even when they are away from the office.

CMMS also allows the maintenance team to instantly check for updates, check inventory, access real-time information, and initiate work orders.

As the quick sharing of information is enabled without any hassle, the maintenance and management team can work more efficiently, preventing misunderstandings and delays.

Improves Accountability

Unlike traditional paper-based maintenance modules, CMMS allows for tracking a work order’s progress. You can effortlessly keep track of costs and identify who is responsible for the task.

It also keeps the data from past work orders in one place, thus eliminating any chances of misplacement. This way, CMMS improves the company’s accountability.

Reduces Expenditure

Generally, large companies can spend a lot on their maintenance management, while still saving a lot for other expenses.

However, small-scale companies do not generally enjoy such a luxury. They must use every penny for the right purpose.

Thus, CMMS is the perfect tool that helps growing businesses track their budget and reduce expenses. It simplifies the whole process by identifying where the budget is overspent and where more funding is required.

CMMS also makes it easier for the company to decide whether a piece of equipment needs replacement or not.

Additionally, it enables report generation with only a few clicks without tabulating receipts and dockets at the end of the year.

Eliminates Paperwork

CMMS eliminates the need for paperwork and stores all your documents in its database. Since the software is password protected, you can rest assured it won’t fall into the wrong hands.

Users can set the CMMS up according to their needs. As everything will be available on the platform, maintenance management personnel won’t have to go through multiple printed documents for the same information.

What Computerized Maintenance Management Software Do For Small Scale Company

Furthermore, it allows access to information from spreadsheets, text messages, emails, or other forms related to work orders, maintenance schedules, work histories, machine conditions, and asset information.

It can also be integrated into the current ERP software, allowing the user to leverage all of its advantages combined with other tools.

Manage Inventories

With CMMS, maintenance management personnel can easily keep track of special orders; the location of spare parts; and also determine whether an item is available in the inventory or not.

It not only allows small-scale companies to track the assets that need maintenance but also sets up the re-ordering of parts. This way, CMMS will save them the time that would otherwise be lost in searching through storerooms for a particular item.

Keep Records

CMMS can also help you keep records of every maintenance employee and their maintenance specialization.

Companies can easily track every individual’s performance and determine the maintenance crew’s availability in real-time to solve specific problems. Doing this will help you delegate work to responsible staff without a hitch.


There is no doubt that the job of a maintenance manager is challenging.

The most important role of CMMS is to work as your maintenance planner and support you through the journey. Ensuring you always make the right decisions and have all records in place.

Today, a Customized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) can remove all your job’s drudgery. Making it smoother to reach your professional goals than ever before.

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